Sensas Fishing Tackle

Sensas is the French brand that began life as a cooking oil manufacturer in the 1960s. In an innovative move, the company began to recycle press cakes – a by product of the oil production process – into fishing bait, and the business as we know it today was born. Over the years the bait side of the business over took the oil side, and the company became the biggest supplier of fishing bait, first in France, then in Europe. It is now the most successful bait company in the world and Sensas UK tackle is a favoured amongst match anglers.

Sensas is associated with top-level match fishing and has been for the past fifty years. It realises that it is anglers who lead the way in angling innovation, tactics, and trends, and as such relies on a team of top anglers to lead its product design team. Top anglers across Europe routinely link themselves with the brand, such is their trust that Sensas will continue to produce top quality tackle. When you pick up a piece of its gear you can confident that it will perform to your exacting specifications on the bank, as you are holding high quality tackle which has been refined to perfection.

With it's catchphrase ‘success guaranteed’, you can be confident that Sensas tackle will help you out on the bank every time. All its products are quality guaranteed, from groundbait, to poles, tackle boxes, and floats. The company is certified by the ISO 9001 quality management system, so you can be assured that all its products are high quality, and have been manufactured in its state of the art manufacturing facility.

Over the years the company has grown and diversified its product range – thanks to pushes by managing directors Jean Dasque and, subsequently, Hugues Nello. This drive for growth now means that Sensas develops a staggering number of unique products year on year, and over new 2,000 products are routinely in the catalogue each season. If you still have any doubt that it is the brand to buy from, its website features testimonials from some of its sponsored anglers, all raving about Sensas products.

The brand does some amazing gear designed for match anglers such as the Sensas Seat Boxes. A Sensas seat box offers you everything match and coarse anglers need to have a comfortable set up on the bankside. Usually these come with a range of accessories from storage drawers to side trays and footplates ensuring comfort and functionality.

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