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Thinking Anglers was founded by Ben Hamilton and Steve Fantauzzi in 2005 with the view to design a range of fishing tackle for the angler who didn’t want to be bogged down with a whole host of kit. The phrase ‘just the right kit’ has been banded around the office for the last decade, and it’s the driving force that keeps Steve and Ben designing and manufacturing only kit that is absolutely essential. Producing predominately for the carp fishing industry, the company also has a range designed with predator angling in mind.

Both Ben and Steve were both already working within the industry before they banded together to form Thinking Anglers. Steve had spent 17 years working at 'Yateley Angling Centre', during in which time he developed an intimate knowledge for the kinds of expectations the local anglers had, both in terms of product design and quality. Steve is well known and respected on the angling circuit and is considered a good all-round angler. Ben is a very well respected big fish angler and is considered by many, Steve included, to have a very good eye for quality. He is the person on the team who can spot all the little tweaks that need to be made, and responsibility for fine tuning products often falls to him. Ben has exacting standards, and ensures that all the tackle the company produces is perfect. This is a dream combination, and means that between the pair the tackle the company produces is always forward thinking and setting new, innovative, heights with regards to design.

The company has been responsible for a few terminal tackle firsts since it was established over a decade ago. These firsts includes products such as elasticated tip tops, hook ting swivels, chod ring swivels, snag bars, hook beads, and the revolutionary carp care kit. Thinking Anglers is also the first ever company to produce a tungsten coated hook length, aptly named 'Tungskin', which is the heaviest current hook length on the market and has the highest tungsten content available. In recent years Thinking Anglers has created a brilliant luggage range, and looks to continue with its innovative and practical designs. 

Both Ben and Steve said as far as the future is concerned, their goal for the company is 'to carry on producing well thought out products and to push boundaries with new ideas, designed by anglers for anglers.' They are always thinking up new products, with the help of their staff, and look forward to bringing out these new products to further expand and improve upon the Thinking Anglers range. In particular, thanks to the success of its luggage range, Ben and Steve are working hard to expand on this area to provide a truly comprehensive collection of tackle storage and transportation solutions.

The company name really defines the company ethos. Thinking Anglers aims to create a complete range of tackle for the discerning angler – an angler who isn’t drawn in by the hype surrounding ‘the next big thing’ in tackle each month and instead wants a range of dependable, and reliable, high quality products that won’t overflow their tackle bag.

Welcome to the Thinking Anglers collection on Angling Direct – your go-to destination for premium, innovative fishing tackle that won't weigh you down. Founded in 2005 by Ben Hamilton and Steve Fantauzzi, Thinking Anglers specialises in designing essential, high-quality fishing tackle, primarily for the carp and predator angling markets.

With decades of experience in the angling industry, Ben and Steve have combined their unique skill sets to create a brand that's all about quality, innovation, and practicality. Ben's keen eye for detail and exacting standards ensure that every piece of tackle produced is nothing short of perfection. Meanwhile, Steve's extensive knowledge and experience on the angling circuit contribute to the company's forward-thinking approach and exceptional product design.

Over the years, Thinking Anglers has introduced several game-changing products to the market, such as elasticated tip tops, hook ting swivels, chod ring swivels, snag bars, hook beads, and the revolutionary carp care kit. They were also the first company to develop a tungsten coated hook length, known as 'Tungskin', which is the heaviest on the market and boasts the highest tungsten content available.

In addition to their innovative terminal tackle, Thinking Anglers has developed a top-notch luggage range, which they plan to expand further, offering anglers a comprehensive selection of tackle storage and transportation solutions.

At the heart of the Thinking Anglers brand is a commitment to designing products that meet the needs of discerning anglers – those who seek dependable, high-quality tackle without being swayed by the latest fads. This dedication to substance over hype has earned Thinking Anglers a loyal following among the angling community.

Explore the Thinking Anglers range on Angling Direct today and experience the difference that quality, innovation, and practicality can make on your next fishing adventure. Happy angling!

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