Prestige Barrows and Trolleys

Prestige Barrows and Trolleys The Carp Porter range from Prestige took the market by storm the day it was released over a quarter of a century ago. Purchasing a Carp Porter is more than purchasing your average barrow or trolley. Prestige produced premier barrows and trolleys that are equipped to traverse even the toughest terrain. With large wheels to give grip on the slipperiest of surfaces, a high carry to avoid tangles on long grass, and enough storage space to swing a cat in, the Prestige Carp Porters are a superior barrow. It’s no wonder they have been the market leader for 20 years! Prestige not only produces incredible barrows but it also produces a plethora of barrow accessories. From barrow covers to keep your tackle dry on a drizzling rainy day to insulated panniers that are perfect way to keep your water bottles cool for hours, Prestige really has thought of everything. There’s even a Carp Porter chair that fits neatly onto the back of your barrow and can either be used instead of your main chair or as a second chair if you’re fishing with a friend. Prestige also supplies us with a range of spare wheels for your Carp Porter. These can be interchanged across many of the models to adapt your barrow to different environments (please see individual wheels and barrows for exact specifications). With under-barrow storage and this abundance of accessories, the Carp Porter is the only barrow option for the dedicated carp angler who likes to take a whole host of kit with them on their angling excursions. It is a testament to the design and quality of the Carp Porter barrows from Prestige that the original barrow is still selling as well today as it did when it was first released at the end of the last century.
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