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Established in 2011 by the Angling Direct team, Advanta is a brand which is committed to the production of high quality, affordable tackle. This is evidenced across its range of products, but none more so than its impressive collection of fishing bedchairs. A bedchair is a bankside essential for the committed carper and owning a quality piece of equipment can really make the difference between a successful overnight session on the bank and a disappointing one. After all, it goes without saying that the angler who has been well rested on the bank is much more likely to be focussed on the water and able to enjoy a successful session than the angler who has had a rough or restless night on the bank. This is why the Advanta brand has designed a complete range of bedchairs in order to ensure that you’re able to enjoy a rested night’s sleep and the Advanta bedchair range contains products at a range of price points in order to ensure that all anglers can enjoy a comfortable night on the bank.

All of the bedchairs in the Advanta range have been designed with an aluminium frame, in order to ensure that they are lightweight and easy to transport. Aluminium is also a highly durable material and these bedchairs have been designed to give an impressive performance throughout their life. However, to further reinforce the bedchairs and to increase their weight bearing capacity, each of the frames has been fitted with steel bars. These have been designed to provide additional structural support and many of the bedchairs in the range have an impressive 200kg weight bearing capacity. This is over 30 stone and it ensures that even the most robust anglers can enjoy a comfortable and support night of rest on the bank. At the top end of the Advanta range, the hinges in the frame have been created with a wide design, offering you the option of storing your sleeping bag or pillow permanently on the bed chair. This gives you the freedom to minimise the amount of tackle you bring down to the bank with you whilst still enjoying the comfort of a comprehensive overnight setup, which is ideal for the angler who likes to travel light as well as the angler who likes to remain mobile during their overnight sessions.

The Advanta bedchair collection contains six leg and eight leg options. Six leg bedchairs are by far the most traditional, as they offer good levels of support and stability whilst also keeping the overall weight of the fishing bed chair low. This is why the vast majority of the bedchairs in the range have been finished with six legs. However, you’ll also find that the brand offers an alternative eight leg set up, too. This is perfect for the angler who is regularly spending the night on rough or otherwise uneven terrain as well as the angler who is particularly active in their sleep, as it provides an extra level of structural stability that can make all the difference to your comfort on the bank. Throughout the range, the legs of the fishing bedchairs are independently adjustable. This is another feature which has been designed to improve stability on the bank as it allows you to modify the bedchair to lay flat on any surface – no matter how uneven the bank is. The legs have all been finished with swivelling mud feet, too. These are large and flat feet which have been fitted to the legs of the chair via a ball and socket style hinge. This allows the feet to self-adjust once set down on the ground, ensuring that you’re able to set up your bed at any point on the bank without worrying that you’ll be wobbling each time your roll over in your sleep.

However, it isn’t only the frames in the Advanta bedchair range which offer impressive levels of comfort. Each of the beds has also been fitted with top quality mattress, too. The type of mattress varies from bedchair to bedchair and ranges from densely padded tradition foam right through to high tech memory foam. If you’re someone who only spends the odd night on the bank, then one of the traditional foam mattresses will be perfect for you. Offering you the perfect combination of lightweight transportability and comfort, these mattresses are ideal for the mobile angler who enjoys a compact set up. Memory foam mattresses offer a superior level of comfort and ensure that your entire back is supported throughout the duration of your session. The Advanta memory foam bedchairs are perfect for the angler with back problems, as well as for the angler who spends long periods of time on the bank. This makes them ideal for the long session carp fishing fan, who is likely to be spending long weekends and even week-long sessions sleeping on the bedchair in their bivvy or shelter.

Each of the mattresses in the Advanta angling bedchair range offers a slightly different finish in order to ensure that you can enjoy maximum comfort on the bank. Some of the bedchairs in the range have nylon finish. This is easy to clean, should it pick up any bankside dirt or grime, as well as being smooth to the touch for your comfort. Other bedchairs in the range have a fleece finish on the mattress. This is ideal if you’re someone who enjoys fishing on the bank in all weather conditions, as fleece is naturally incredibly insulating and ensures that you’re kept toasty warm throughout the colder months.

Not only are the Advanta bedchairs available for purchase separately but you can also get great deals in the Advanta overnight bundles. These bundles have been put together by the Angling Direct team in order to make shopping for your overnight angling items that little bit easier – as well as to offer you incredible savings on value items in the range. In the bundles, you can get complete sleeping bundles, featuring a bedchair, sleeping bag, and pillow, as well as ultimate overnight combinations which feature bivvies, overwraps, and other bivvy accessories as well as your bedchair and sleeping bag.

If you’re looking for a top quality bedchair then you cannot go wrong with any of the angling bedchairs in the Advanta range; designed by anglers, for anglers, and available exclusively at Angling Direct. 

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