Advanta Bivvies & Shelters

Established in 2011 by the Angling Direct team, Advanta is a brand that produces products for anglers, designed by anglers. Originally dedicated to the art of carp fishing tackle, in recent years the brand has expanded its production and its catalogue now features a whole host of tackle items for fishing across the disciplines. This includes a comprehensive cookware collection, a full range of fish care items, and a whole host of precision designed rods. It also includes this collection of bivvies and shelters – designed to keep you protected against the very worst of the elements.

The Advanta bivvy and shelter collection includes items for a range of circumstances, so you’re never left on the bank unprotected from the elements. If you’re someone who likes to head down to the bank for loners weekends, the Advanta Protector series is probably the perfect bivvy for you. It is available as both a one man bivvy and a two man bivvy – both of which feature spacious interiors for all your extra gear. It comes fitted with mosquito mesh vents, so it is ideal for summer fishing (especially on a longer continental trip), and you also have the option of purchasing an additional overwrap (ideal for winter angling). The Protector Extreme is the stepped up version of the classic bivvy and it comes with an integrated storm peak, too, making it the ultimate year-round shelter solution for the dedicated angler. There is also an especially designed sea fishing shelter in this range, which has been fitted with extended sand skirts to ensure that it can remain structurally sound in a range of weather conditions.

If you’re someone who likes to head down to the bank for quick overnighters or shorter weekenders then the Advanta One Night Stand series is perfect for you. Designed to combine a compact footprint with reams of internal space, the One Night Stand is available in classic olive green and stunning DMP camouflage. It comes with an integrated storm peak, as well as mosquito mesh ventilation, and you have the option of purchasing an overwrap to complement your setup. This makes this bivvy the ideal choice for the angler who wants to be out on the bank in all seasons and it can ensure that you’re protected from the elements year-round. The Advanta Speed series features both a bivvy and an open fronted day shelter. As the name suggests, it has been designed with the highly mobile angler in mind and it boasts an incredibly speedy erection time. Advanta has also manufactured a Low Rider series. This is a low-profile collection of shelters and brollies which have been designed with the discrete angler in mind. If you’re someone who likes to take a stealthy approach to fishing and you regularly find yourself in hidden or secret swims, then these shelters will ensure that you can squeeze into the tightest spots whilst still staying protected from the elements. Finally, the Advanta range includes a collection of Summit Bashas. Based on shelter concept used by the armed forces, these are sheets of waterproof and windproof material which come with integrated pegging points but no poles, designed to provide you with protection in the most extreme of circumstances. They are also popular as extra-large barrow covers, ensuring that you can keep your gear dry without sacrificing space in your bivvy.

All of the fishing bivvies and shelters in the Advanta range come in high-quality waterproof and windproof material, offering a hydrostatic head rating up to 5,000. This ensures that you can be confident when spending the night underneath an Advanta bivvy or shelter, even when you’re sleeping in torrential rain. All of the products (excluding the Summit Bashas) come supplied with their own poles. Manufactured from high-grade aluminium, these poles are lightweight and robust – holding the structure of the bivvy in windy conditions whilst also ensuring that it is easy to transport. There are a variety of erection styles in the range, varying from classic pram-hood ribs through to umbrella-style boss erection. The bivvies and shelters all come supplied with their own dedicated groundsheets, too. These can be heavy duty or lightweight and are designed to keep the damp and cold out of the bivvy or shelter. Groundsheets are one of the easiest ways to prevent condensation build up in the bivvy and they are essential when angling on a muddy bankside.

Many of the fronted fishing bivvies in the range have been fitted with mosquito mesh infill panels. These allow a breeze to flow through the bivvy whilst also ensuring that no bankside insects (particularly mosquitoes and gnats) can enter the bivvy. Some of these bivvies will also come with multiple door options or the option to remove the front panel altogether. This means that you’re able to fish with the bivvy as an open fronted shelter, fish with a letter-box style door, or spend the night in a completely enclosed shelter – blocking out all of the elements. The shelters and brollies in the range are all open-fronted and come fitted with wide storm sizes to offer you maximum protection whilst also sheltering you from the worst of the weather. Large enough to push your bedchair to the rear of the shelter whilst also allowing you to store any luggage towards the front, you can comfortably sleep in any of the shelters in the Advanta range whilst also remaining sheltered from the worst of the wind and the rain.

As well as a comprehensive range of bivvies and shelters, Advanta also boasts a collection of fishing bivvy accessories. This includes bivvy tables. Designed to provide you with a rig-making bench on the bank, bivvy tables offer you additional tackle storage as well as a place to construct your terminal tackle setups whilst in situ. If you’re headed to the bank for a longer session then bivvy tables are essential, as they enable you to respond to any changes on the bank quickly and with confidence. They also provide you with a place to store your lamp and other tackle items that you want out and to-hand on the bank. The range also includes bivvy mats. These are ideal for use in the wet as they provide you with a place to remove and store your boots and waders, keeping the interior of your bivvy dry and mud-free. They can also be placed under your bedchair when you’re fishing without a groundsheet – giving you a place to rest your feet whilst you pull on your boots first thing. Additionally, these mats can also double up as splash mats, providing protection for your rods and reels.

If you’re looking for an angling bivvy or shelter then you need look no further. The Advanta range features a host of shelter solutions, whether you’re on the banks of your local carp fishing venue or you’re on the beach enjoying a spot of sea fishing

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