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Back in the day, it might well have been good enough to bring a deckchair or small garden stool down to the water’s edge for your angling session. In fact, the anglers of the late sixties and early seventies would probably have found the idea of buying a purpose-built chair just for angling somewhat laughable. However, luckily for us, the times have changed and it is now much rarer to see an angler without their own angling chair than it is to see an angler with a purpose built fishing chair. This is because, as the years have passed, it has become increasingly apparent how purpose built gear really can make a difference to the success of your session. Although this is true of all bankside items, it is especially true of your chair. Chances are, unless you have an unbelievably successful session, you’re going to be sat in your chair for longer that you are on your feet playing a fish. Owning a comfortable, practical chair for all your bankside needs is essential and the Advanta team has worked hard to ensure that the selection of chairs in its range are ideal for all manner of carp fishing scenarios. The Advanta chair range encompasses all aspects of the Advanta ethos and the chairs are not only practical and manufactured to a high standard but they also offer exceptional value for money. This ensures that all anglers, no matter their budget, are able to enjoy the kind of comfort that you would expect on the bank, and the Advanta chairs come in at a range of price points to allow you to tailor your own chair to your needs.

All of the chairs in the Advanta range have been designed to offer you comfort on the bank. As such, all the chairs have been densely padded throughout, ensuring that they are able to adequately able to support your back throughout your time on the bank. The type of padding used changes depending on the style of chair, so some of the chairs in the range have been filled with traditional foam padding and others of the chairs have been fitted with memory foam padding. Both padding options are comfortable and each offers its own benefits on the bank. If you’re someone who is only able to make it down to the bank for the odd weekend, you’re someone who tends to fish for a few hours at a time, or you’re some who likes to keep mobile on the bank then a traditionally padded chair would be the ideal choice for you. Lighter in weight than its memory foam alternative, traditional foam offers a good level of back support and will provide you with the cushioning that you require whilst you’re at the bank. On the other hand, if you’re someone who suffers from back problems or you’re someone who tends to have a more sedentary bankside life (remaining in a single swim for a number of days in a row) then chances are you’ll prefer a memory foam chair. Memory foam moulds to each contour of your body, ensuring that you are perfectly supported throughout your time on the bank – perfect for the angler with back problems as well as the angler who enjoys regular long sessions. However, this extra support can come at a cost and, typically, memory foam is slightly heavier than traditional padding.

However, as all anglers will know, it isn’t only the padding on the chair which determines how comfortable it is. As an angler, you’re going to be headed to lots of different venues, each with their own unique features which need accommodating. This is as true for the features under the water as it is for the features on the bank and you’re never going to head to two venues (or even two swims) with identical bankside profiles. This is why you’ll need a fishing chair which can be adjusted to suit the conditions on the bank and all of the chairs in the Advanta range provide a level of customisation which allows you to ensure that your time on the bank is comfortable and enjoyable. Each of the chairs in the range has been fitted with independently adjustable legs. These allow you to modify the height of each chair leg when you’re in situ, ensuring that you can enjoy a perfectly flat seat during you time on the bank. Sitting flat is almost as important as having a padded seat in terms of spinal care and, regardless of how padded the chair is, if you’re balanced unevenly whilst you’re sat at the bank then you’re going to end the session with an aching back. However, it isn’t only your ability to adjust the chair based on the terrain which sets these chairs above the rest. You’re also able to adjust the chair based on your own height, ensuring that you can sit down and stand up with ease on the bank. You can also adjust this chair based on the profile you want to achieve on the bank – although the Advanta team has also accommodated for this in different ways and has produced a dedicated low chair, designed for low profile angling in secret swims or those occasions when you’re confined to your bivvy or shelter for extended periods of time on the water.

It isn’t only comfort which is a key factor in your decision when choosing an angling chair. You also want to take into consideration the weight of your chair and its transportability. All of the chairs in the Advanta chair range have been designed to be supremely transportable and each has been fitted with a lightweight aluminium frame. This frame is especially robust thanks to its supportive steel bars and it folds flat for ease of transportation to and from the bank. As well as traditional fishing chairs, the Advanta range contains a selection of bedchair buddies. These are legless seats which have been designed to fit over your bedchair, giving you the back support you need when you don’t want to bring a chair as well as your bedchair down to the bank – the ultimate, lightweight fishing chair solution.

Established by Angling Direct in 2011, the Advanta range has grown year on year and its range of chairs are ideal for anglers across the disciplines. 

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