Trakker Fish Care Products

Fish care is one of the most important aspects of your angling experience and the dedicated angler will take as much care over the quality of their fish care equipment as they will do their rods and reels. After all, it is only by properly looking after the fish that you land that the small fry of today become personal-best breaking doubles of the future. As anglers, we all have a commitment to ensure that we’re doing our utmost put fish back in the water every bit in a healthy condition – whether that is by treating their wounds or simply ensuring that they have had enough time to rest on recuperate before releasing them back into their home Brands have a similar commitment to ensure that they are taking fish care every bit as seriously as the rest of gear. Trakker is a brand which has taken this kind of serious commitment to the next level and the brand has produced an exceptional range of products designed with carp care in mind.

Sanctuary is the brand’s dedicated carp care range and it contains a whole host of products which ensure the safety of your fish on the bank. This is a compressive range of all the kinds of tackle items that the discerning carp angler should have on hand at every session, whether they are heading to the bank for an extended period of time or they are just popping to the water’s edge for a short and mobile day session. What’s more, as you would expect, the entire range has been designed and manufactured to the exacting specifications for which the brand is famous – using all the very latest material technologies in order to ensure that the tackle meets all the highest carp care requirements. In laymen’s terms, this means that all the items in the Sanctuary range have been manufactured to stand up to the most rigorous use on the bank and it is ideal for the most ardent and avid of anglers.

Retention slings and weigh slings make up the majority of the tackle in the Sanctuary range. This isn’t surprising given that, for many anglers, knowing the weight of their capture is one of the most exciting aspects of the sport. Therefore, having the appropriate protection for your capture is absolutely vital in order to ensure that your carp is kept calm and well supported whilst it is being lifted up and onto your scales. All of the weigh slings in the Trakker Sanctuary fish care range are manufactured with the highest quality carp care mesh, ensuring that you’re able to rest your fish in the sling with the confidence that it won’t be able to cause itself harm. What’s more, all the weigh slings in the range are designed to perfectly cradle the fish, giving it all the support it needs whilst it is out of the water. Carp can sometimes cause themselves damage due to the sheer weight of their internal organs as, when in the water, the majority of the weight of the fish is supported by the water itself. Having a sling that supports the fish significantly reduces the risk of this occurring and it ensures that no undue pressure is put on a sensitive area on the fish’s body. The retention slings in the range are designed to the same high standards as the weigh slings, with the added benefit of floats in order to allow you to rest your fish in the sling in the water to allow it to recover prior to release. If you’ve had a long and hard fight with a fish then it is only right to allow the fish a few moments to recuperate in the water, both prior to photos and after weighing.

The Trakker Sanctuary fish care range also boasts both cribs and unhooking mats. All of the unhooking mats in the range have been densely padded to ensure that your capture doesn’t feel a thing, even when it is being unhooked on the rockiest of banksides. The cribs in the range offer the same kind of padding as the mats – only this time they also offer padded sides and lid. This ensures that your fish can’t thrash itself off the matt whilst you’re preparing other gear, preventing it from causing itself harm. What’s more, the lid of the crib also allows you to keep the fish calm – after all, the land is much brighter than the depths of your venue and keeping the fish in the dark is often the quickest and easiest way to calm it after a stressful fight.

With this huge range of options in the Trakker Sanctuary fish care range, you never need feel let down by the fish care products available to you. All the products in the range have been manufactured in the same olive green colour in order to ensure they are the perfect complement to the full range of Trakker luggage, bivvies, and bankware.

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