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Organisation is often the real key to bankside success. Regardless of the quality or quantity of gear that you own, if it isn’t well protected, easily transported, or easy to access on the bank then you might as well have brought only minimal, low quality tackle down to the water’s edge. Your luggage is every bit as integral to your angling success as the gear itself, which is why the Advanta brand has focussed on creating a comprehensive luggage range to ensure that you can maximise your time spent on the bank. The Advanta luggage range is growing and developing year on year, so do make sure you check back regularly to see all the new products the brand have created.

The range contains a whole host of different luggage options to ensure that you can modify the luggage you need to your own needs. For example, the brand stocks a range of rod holdalls. This range includes options for the carp and coarse angler as well as the sea angler, ensuring that you can find the perfect holdall regardless of your discipline. Within those categories, there are multiple different capacity options available, too. Whether you’re someone who likes to take a variety of rod options down to the bank with you or you’re someone who prefers to travel light, the Advanta luggage range has all the options for you. The largest rod holdalls in the range can hold three fully made up rods as well as additional rods without reels, as well as a whole host of other tackle items – including your bivvy or shelter, your rod support system, and your net. At the other end of the spectrum, the brand’s quiver systems allow you to transport only the rods you need down to the bank. This is the perfect option for the angler who likes to keep highly mobile on the bank and it ensures that you can travel light when you need.

As well as holdalls, the Advanta luggage range also contains a range of carryalls and other tackle transportation solutions. This includes a collection of lead pouches and rig wallets. These enable you to transport all your smaller terminal tackle items down to the bank with ease, ensuring that you can create your very own organised tackle storage system which has been precision designed by you to suit your needs. Having the right tackle on the bank is vital to your angling success and the Advanta luggage range ensures that you can be as prepared as you need on the bank. The rig wallet allows you to transport your ready-made rigs down to the bank with ease and it protects them against bending or damage so they are bank-ready when you need them. Lead pouches are ideal for, as the name suggests, transporting your leads to and from the bank. Heavy and otherwise awkward, leads can cause no end of damage to other smaller tackle items unless they are stored in a dedicated lead pouch. However, lead pouches have much greater potential than simply transporting your leads. They can also be used for your feeder systems and other small terminal tackle items that might require additional protection. Both your rig wallet and your lead pouches can be stored in your main carryall. Fitted with lots of pockets and a huge internal storage capacity, your carryall can hold a whole range of tackle items and bankside accessories. Whether you’re looking for a way to transport your cooking equipment and spare clothes or you simply want to bring a comprehensive collection of spares, your rucksack or carryall really is a vital addition to your tackle collection.

The Advanta luggage range also contains a whole host of fishing bags, too. This includes the likes of bait bags, which have been purpose designed for the transportation and on-bank storage of all your baits and bait making equipment. Bait is one of the most important items that you can invest in and choosing the right bait and baiting in the right way really can make all the difference to your angling success. The angling luggage range also contains a bedchair bag. As the name suggests, this has been designed with the storage of your bedchair in mind and it is the ideal option for the angler who wants to travel down to the bank for an overnight session without a barrow, as well as for the angler who wants to keep their bedchair stored in a clean and compact manner. It is also ideal for the storage of your angling chair, too, so it is perfect for your day sessions when you want to travel light down to the bank.

As you can see, the Advanta luggage range really does contain a comprehensive selection of items in order to ensure that you’re able to get all your vital tackle down to the bank as easily as possible. Enjoying a hassle-free journey down to the bank can really make all the difference to the start of your session and it allows you to get setup and the rods out on the water as quickly as possible. The right luggage can also ensure that you’re able to locate all the tackle you need exactly when you need it, so you never have to waste time on the bank struggling to find the tackle that you need to succeed.

The Advanta brand was established in 2011 when Angling Direct realised the need to stock core products year-round. The Angling Direct team utilises all of its angling experience in order to design top end tackle items which it believes perfectly fill any gaps in the market. All the products are manufactured to a high standard and the brand operates on a value-for-money ethos. This ensures that all the tackle items in the range are extremely affordable and they are ideal for the angler who wants to enjoy precision designed tackle without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for a top quality luggage solution for all your carp fishing needs then you cannot go wrong with this collection from Advanta. 

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