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Fox Lures Lures are a predator angler’s bread and butter – they are essential tools for catching pike and other big predatory fish. Predator angling can be one of the most exciting areas of the sport. It’s a discipline that has really attracted the attention of Fox, so much so, in fact, that Fox has created its own imprint brand ‘Fox Rage’ that simply focuses on products for this style of angling. As a brand dedicated to catching predatory fish on lures, unsurprisingly Fox Rage has created a wide range of lures to span the predatory fishing discipline. This range includes both soft and hard bodied lures, some of which that are fully fitted with a jighead as well as others which remain unloaded for your own customisation. This means that angler’s who are new to the sport, as well as angler’s who don’t have the time to waste setting up gear, have a completely pre-prepared lure to get started with almost as soon as they hit the bank, as well as allowing the most dedicated predator anglers the chance to completely customise their baiting technique. Fox Rage also supplies a range of jigheads in a variety of weights – all of which are compatible with the full collection of Fox lures. With lures in countless shapes, sizes, and colours, you’re bound to find the perfect tool for enticing your quarry among the Rage range. Fox Rage was established as a subsidiary of the Fox International brand in order to further promote the growing sport of lure fishing. With half a century of angling experience behind it, Fox Rage was primed to take the lure fishing world by storm and its dynamic range is set for continued growth – so keep a close eye out on this page to see all the new products the brand has to offer.
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