Nash Rod Pods

Nash Rod Pods Nash is one of the UK’s largest tackle companies. With fifty years of innovation under their belts, it’s not surprising that Nash has created an excellent range of rod pods that would enhance any carp angler’s experience on the bank. The famous H Gun series of rod pods have been best selling since the day they were released onto the market. Featuring adjustable legs with pointed feet, this rod pod series is staying put on the bank side and can be made sturdy no matter the terrain. This is the kind of stability that a dedicated carp angler requires of their equipment on the bank, day in day out. Nash recognises that you need your tackle to do most of the menial work for you, so you can focus your full attention on fishing, rather than worrying that your rod pod is going to become destabilised by a gust of wind. With Nash’s collection of rod pods you never need worry about unstable rod pods again. Nash has produced rod pods for two as well as three rod set ups, so no matter your fishing style there is a Nash rod pod for you. They haven't only produced some excellent rod pods; they’ve also created their own dedicated luggage for rod pods. This ensures that it’s now easier than ever to transport your rod pod down to your swim. This dedicated rod pod case also provides an excellent storage solution for your rod pod when not in use – either on the bank or in your home – and because of its compact size it’s easy to keep in your car so it’s always there when you need it. If you’re an avid carp angler who is looking for a top quality rod pod that won’t break the bank, then you need look no further than Nash’s excellent selection of rod pods and rod pod cases.
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