Gardner Gt80+ Clear

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Key Features

  • Includes an extra heavy sinking additive
  • That ensures this line is the fastest sinking monofilament available
  • The highest abrasion resistance
  • Without sacrificing other critical attributes such as knot strength
  • Suppleness or linear strength
  • Precise feel and control
  • Epic knot strength
  • Casts beautifully thanks to smooth finish
  • Supple feel and uniform diameter
  • Deep Green colour offers excellent camouflage of mainline
  • Low visibility clear line
  • Exceptional camouflage of your mainline
  • Across a wide variety of environments
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XGT15C Breaking Strain: 15lb / 6.8Kg
XGT10C Breaking Strain: 10lb / 4.5kg
XGT12C Breaking Strain: 12lb / 5.4kg

Built from the same copolymer mix as Gardner’s ever popular green GT80+, the clear variant is rated in exactly the same way and is identical in all but colour, this clear variant is ideal for use on clearer waters.

Available in 10lb, 12lb and 15lb variants, of 0.30mm, 0.35mm and 0.40mm, respectively. However, the diameter of the line suggests that its true breaking strain is probably much higher than the breaking strain suggested on the spool.

GT80+ has incredibly high abrasion resistance and is ideal when fishing to snags or on a venue with heavy weed. The line is coated in an extra heavy sinking additive that ensures GT80+ is the fastest sinking monofilament available and will remain pinned to the lakebed.

With GT80+ being so strong and heavy you would think it could be one of the stiffer lines available on the market, however, the strengthening process behind GT80+ does not come at the cost of knot strength or suppleness, the line has a precise feel and control.

The smooth finish of the GT80+ line also ensures a smooth cast and retrieve and is strong enough to combat crack off when using heavier leads in your carp fishing. All in all, the Gardner GT80+ line offers a great all rounder for all aspects of carp fishing, available in clear and green variants you can adapt your approach to the needs of your next venue.

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