Humminbird PiranhaMax 4 DI

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Key Features

  • Display Size - Diagonal: 4.3"
  • Display Pixel Matrix: 480H x 272V
  • Display Type: Colour TFT
  • Display Colours Grayscale: 256 Colours
  • Sonar Standard: Down Imaging/Dual Beam
  • Standard Sonar Coverage: 28, 16 &75 @ -10db
  • Standard Sonar Frequency: 200/455/455 kHz
  • Target Separation: 2.5"
  • Power Output RMS: 300 Watts
  • Power Output Peak to Peak: 2400 Watts
  • Depth Capability: 320ft (DI), 600ft - 200 kHz (2D), 320ft - 455 khz (2D)
  • Temperature: Built-In Transducer
  • Backlight: Yes
  • Unit Size - Gimbal Mount: 3.914"W x 7.335"H x 3.621"D
  • Mount A Type: Gimbal Mount
  • Unit Size - Indash Mount: In Dash
  • Mount B Unit Size 2: 3.914"W x 6.770"H x 2.600"D
  • Mounting Options: Gimbal or Optional In-Dash
  • Transducer Standard: XNT 9 DI T
  • Transducer Mounting: Transom
  • Power Input: 10.8-20 VDC
  • Power Draw: 180mA

Tell Me About It

Designed as HumminBird’s entry-level fish finder sonar, the PiranhaMax 4 DI gives you a fish’s-eye-view of the subsurface action going on under and around your boat, all presented in 256 colour display, on a 4.3” screen, giving you amazing textual depths that allow you to fully understand and appreciate the subsurface terrain, and precisely target your fishing tactics to it.

This rich depth of perception is achieved through HumminBird’s established Dual Imaging technology, which is tried and proven to deliver the best underwater cartography, in a portable device, at a good price.

What Discipline Is It For?

Perfect for predator fishing, the PiranhaMax allows you to scan the landscape of your lake, canal, or river bed, and spot lurking predators, panicking bait shoals, and features that sleeping monsters are likely to favour.

Why Should I Buy It?

No angler wants to waste time baiting areas that their target fish have abandoned, and every angler knows the frustration of identifying “textbook” features and cover, only to blank cast after cast – then see the newbie two swims down hauling fish out on every chuck-in, even though everything you’ve been taught tells you the fish simply shouldn’t be there! With the dynamic imaging offered by this high-performance fish finder, which produces detailed, accurate maps of the underwater topography and action hot spots, you’ll always be where the fish are, and can make sure your bait or lures are presenting exactly as you intended.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

Designed for those new to using sonar imaging, this fish finder is simple to use, yet still produces high-quality results.

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