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JRC Extreme TX Landing Net Inc Light

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Key Features

  • Strong and rigid carbon 46'' arms
  • Soft deep green mesh with magnetic retaining system
  • Non-stretch fluorescent tension cord
  • Custom designed heavy duty spreader block
  • Strong and lightweight, 2 piece carbon 6' (1.80m) pole
  • Made with Japanese shrink wrap grips
  • Features a unique clip-on light unit with motion sensor
  • Built-in white and red light options
  • Long-life ultra bright LED's
  • Waterproof design
  • Supplied in a nylon anti-stink bag

Featuring strong, rigid carbon arms, this landing net is more than large enough for most of the fish you're likely to be bringing in on UK waters, at 46”, while the custom designed heavy duty spreader block gives you complete confidence in your landing gear, no matter how heavy or lively the fish you're bringing to the bank.

The net itself features soft, fish-friendly, deep green mesh, with magnetic retaining systems, and a non-stretch fluorescent tension cord, which keeps the net from sagging over your fish, and remains visible even when you're landing your fish in the middle of the night.

The 6ft carbon pole which forms the landing net handle is strong yet lightweight, and features Japanese shrink wrap grips, enabling you to keep a firm hold on your net even in cold, wet conditions.  The pole is long enough to enable fish to be gently and safely released from the net in deep margins, and also gives you the flexibility of taking the net out to a fish while it's in play – sometimes essential to prevent the fish damaging itself on the hook, or against your line.

What sets this net apart from others on the market is the unique clip on landing light, an exceptionally useful piece of kit for night anglers. the landing light reacts to built-in motion sensors, switching on and off automatically, and allowing you to safely land fish overnight, ensuring you never have to miss out on that new personal best because you didn't see it sliding out of your net in the dark of the night.

With the option of red or white light built in, this landing light allows you to fish the way you want, and enjoy your angling, rather than being put off by an aspect of your equipment that's less than ideal.

Featuring long life, ultrabright LEDs, this handy landing light gives complete, clear nighttime visibility in and around your net, session after session,

With landing light functionality, you don't have to worry about getting a torch set up in exactly the right position on the bank, or giving yourself a cricked neck trying to hold your head at an angle that allows your headtorch to illuminate your landing net.  You're also not losing valuable seconds switching a light source on before you can land your fish; as soon as you pick up your landing net, the motion sensors in this functional, high performance light automatically switch on those bright LEDs, switching them off again as soon as you set your landing net down on the bank, having safely landed, weighed, and photographed your fish.

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