Kamo-Kaze Long Drop Toilet System

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Key Features

  • Will revolutionise your bankside toilet trips
  • Supplied with its very own roll of toilet paper
  • No longer need to abandon your rods
  • Manufactured from robust ABS plastic
  • Fitted with a unique padded seat
  • Finished in stunning DPM camouflage
  • Comes with its own ‘easy carry’ handle
  • Ergonomically designed for your comfort
  • Huge 18 litre capacity
  • Deep enough to avoid any splash back
  • Tall enough to make standing from the system hassle free
  • Available exclusively to Angling Direct
Kamo-Kaze Long Drop Toilet System, Ever been caught out on the bank? Does the thought of squatting in the bushes and wiping with a leaf sound less than appealing? Need to ease the load? With this brand new Long Drop Toilet System, your days of hunting for discreet foliage can be long gone. This is an innovative system which will revolutionise your bankside toilet trips – you’d be a fool not to buy one! For one day only, this system also comes supplied with its very own roll of toilet paper, so it is good to go the moment it arrives on your doorstep. One of the biggest benefits of this toilet system is that you no longer need to worry about abandoning your rods in search of the vital coverage that you need. Instead you can set this system up inside the comfort of your bivvy or shelter. With the door in a letter-box style, you can keep a watch out over your swim for any vital indication. This way, you don’t have to worry that you’re going to miss the take that could make all the difference to your session – just remember to keep the door of your bivvy pegged open for a little while afterwards. The Long Drop is manufactured from robust ABS plastic, to ensure that it has full weight bearing potential. This plastic is anti-crack, too, to ensure that you’ll never have to worry about unfortunate leakages. In order to ensure your complete comfort whilst using the system, the Long Drop has been fitted with a unique padded seat. This offers you the kind of luxury that you don’t even get to experience on your toilets at home and many of the team behind its design have actually begun to use this system at home, in place of their home toilet. The whole system has been finished in stunning DPM camouflage. This ensures that the Long Drop perfectly complements your existing collection of carp fishing tackle and it won’t look out of place stood beside your bivvy on the bank. It comes with its own ‘easy carry’ handle, which has been ergonomically designed for your comfort, so transporting this system to and from the bank will never be a problem. With a huge 18l capacity, not only is this system deep enough to avoid any splash back but it is also tall enough to make standing from the system hassle free – should you suddenly need to respond to the cry of your bite alarm. The Long Drop comes with its very own toilet roll holder, inbuilt into the handle. Simply peel the roll from the holder with a gentle tug and wipe clean – it really is that simple! You can then deposit the used roll in the system along with the rest of your deposits, ready for later disposal. The brand has even designed a bespoke shovel, perfect for burying the evidence after use (available to purchase separately). It really is the ultimate convenience system! Whether you’re a bloke who is fed up of holding it until the return home or a lady who doesn’t like the idea of finding a tree to squat behind, then the Long Drop is the perfect addition to your tackle collection – available exclusively to Angling Direct.
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