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Kodex KX-i Carp Rods

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Key Features

  • Immense power in the spine and no twist
  • Cast to immense distances with unrivalled accuracy
  • It has over 150 yards casting potential with ease
  • Utilises 55 tonne airforce-grade high-modular mesh
  • As well as the latest Zepto-X carbon technology
  • Resulting in this exceptional 2pc 12ft abbreviated design
  • Original Fuji fittings
  • Ultra-light titanium TG16 matte black guides
  • 50mm butt guide and an anti-frap tip guide
  • 1ft zig extension (to fish at 13ft) is included
  • Machine-engraved Kodex symbol in the butt-end
  • Very subtle graphics throughout
  • Available in 3.25lb and 3.5lb test curves
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20067 Test Curve: 3.25lb, Length: 12ft/13ft
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20068 Test Curve: 3.5lb, Length: 12ft/13ft
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Tell Me About It

Giving you immense casting power, with no twist through the blank or into your line, the 55 tonne Air Force grade carbon mesh on these Kodex Carp Rods is something you have to feel to believe. Backed up by the latest Zepto-X carbon technology, the KX-I rods give you the most effortless distance casting experience you’re ever likely to come across, with a powerful, balanced blank creating a 12ft rod that feels good, and performs well, at either 3.25lb or 3.5lb test curve.

There’s also a 1ft zig extension supplied, which allows you to fish at a full 13ft, offering amazing reach on the majority of venues.

Fitted with 50mm butt guides, and an anti-frap tip guide, and finished in subtle graphics that ensure all the attention is on the performance, this two piece abbreviated design carp rod is perfect for anglers of any experience.

Despite its raw power, this rod is gentle on fish, allowing for effortless play with minimal risk of hook pulls, ensuring you can guide your catch into the net without harm.

What Discipline Is It For?

Perfect for carp fishing.

Why Should I Buy It?

Winning approval from both professional angling consultants and the angling press, this is a rod that can handle any situation, and which offers exceptional performance no matter what your level or ability.

Designed for big carp and large commercials, the Kodex KX-I is a rod that’s packed full of potential, with a go-anywhere functionality that the committed carper will more than approve of.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

Lightweight power.


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