Leeda 8ft Tele Spin Kit

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Key Features

  • Spin kit contains
  • 8ft Telescopic rod
  • Size 40 reel with 8lb line
  • 4x lures
  • 3x wire traces
  • Tackle box

Leeda is a well-established manufacturer that has been distributing fishing tackle since the 1980s. They build on decades of experience to produce the finest range of tackle to modern anglers, focusing on all the sectors of the angling market - Including Coarse, Sea, Game and Carp. Leeda offer products that are for any capability from beginners to the experienced.

The 8ft Tele Spin Kit from Leeda includes the basics to get you started on sea fishing. The first item the kit includes is an 8ft telescopic rod. Telescopic fishing rods are a specialised tool, mostly for convenience and casual use because they can collapse down into a smaller size for ease in transport and storage. This makes the rod ideal for travelling or holiday use. This telescopic rod is made of a fibreglass mix making the rod well insulated and flexible, perfect for the demands of sea fishing. However, it is important that before the rod is collapsed that you clean each section from sand, dirt and other gunk so that they do not get trapped in the joints of the rod.

The telescopic rod also has the features of a spin rod, this offers great use in fresh or salt water, and is equally suited to either pike fishing with spinners and lures or casting for bass from the rocks. These are the perfect rods for the roving angler who fishes on the move. The rod is designed to hold the spin casting reel that also is provided in the kit. The reel is a size 40, which is a medium sized fishing reel that is well suited to lakes, rivers, bays, harbours a light offshore boat fishing. Along with the reel comes 8lbs of line and the reel can be mounted via a screw reel seat, making construction and dismantling quick and easy.

The reel and rod size gives an ideal casting weight of 10-30g and the kit comes with a plastic tackle box that stores the included tackle that also the kit provides. Leeda supply four lures along with three wire traces. Using a wire trace when either lure or bait fishing shows that you care about the fish you are trying to catch as it prevents damage to the fish’s mouth. If you simply attached hooks or lure directly on to your monofilament mainline, you are taking a big risk as both pike and zander have such sharp teeth they will cut straight through it. The hooks are then stuck in the throat of the fish. The supplied wire traces in this kit are already tied putting security into the catch and handling of the fish.

So if you are itching to give sea fishing a go or need a new kit, the Leeda spin kit may be for you.

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