Middy Original Shotgun Feeder

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Key Features

  • Innovative feeder from Middy
  • Available elasticated or non elasticated
  • Sprung loaded inner
  • Adjust the tension
  • Perfect in deeper waters
  • No bait escapes through the water column
  • Ideal to use with soft pellet
  • Available in two different weights
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Middy Original Shotgun Feeder

This innovative feeder from Middy caused an angling sensation when it first launched in 2008 and has continued to prove itself time and time again ever since then. Simple to use and achieving devastating results, the Middy Shot-Gun Feeder is the ideal way to present your hookbait amongst a pile of tempting pellets as far out as your cast will let you.

To use, prepare your hookbait and length in the usual method – as you would with a standard method feeder. Whilst you’re doing this, simply soak your pellets of choice in water for a few minutes, allowing them to soften enough so that when you compress them together they stick together without loosing their form. Fill the Middy Shot-Gun Feeder with the pellet mix, poking your hookbait into the feeder once it is a little over half full (although you can leave it to hang free if you would prefer, the pellets will naturally distribute perfectly around the hookbait when the hookbait embedded into the mix). Fill the feeder completely, compacting the mixture in as much as you would like. The more bait you pack in the longer it will take for the feeder to release and the converse is also true – a looser mix will disperse much quicker. Both methods produce fantastic results and the choice of which to use will simply depend on the conditions on the bank and the feeding activity of the fish.

The Shot-Gun Feeder is perfectly designed so that none of the pellets disperse during cast. It is only when the feeder comes to rest on the bottom of the water that the spring mechanism is activated and begins to thrust the bait from the feeder. This motion not only releases the pellets but it also releases a flurry of air bubbles. These air bubbles help to draw any wary fish in closer to investigate and your pile of perfectly prepared pellets will trigger the need to feed. Middy recommends using the Shot-Gun Feeder with a hooklength no longer than six inches. Available in two sizes, 21 grams or 28 grams, the smaller size is ideal for cold water fishing when your target fish aren’t feeding as well. The Shot-Gun Feeder is supplied in packs of two and comes complete with instructions – the perfect piece of terminal tackle to complete your angling arsenal.


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