Nash Cling-On Putty

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Key Features

  • Introudcing cling on...
  • Innovative and new
  • Stickiest rig putty available
  • Pin down hook links and leaders
  • Three colours to match any lakebed
  • Maximum adhesive rig putty
  • Hugely popular seller!

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Are you fed up with worrying that your popped-up rig is floating a foot or more of the lake bed? Are you tired of fiddling with poor putty which slides down your rig on your cast? Then Nash Cling-On is the perfect putty for you! Touted as the stickiest rig putty available on the market today, traditional putty problems are a thing of the past with Nash Cling-On. Never again will you have to worry that your putty is misplaced on the cast or waste vital minutes attempting to get your putty in the perfect position on your rig.

One of the most impressive features of Nash’s Cling-On Putty is how stretchy it is. Designed to be ultra-malleable, this is one tungsten putty that is incredibly easy to work with. Simply pull off the quantity you need, roll it between your fingers to warm it a little, and then pinch it around the spot you want to pin down to the venue bed. The putty will cling perfectly around your line or terminal tackle, holding its position even on a hard distance cast. If you’re someone who likes to know that your precision rigs are perfectly presented time after time then the Nash Cling-On Putty is essential for you and the perfect addition to your tackle box.

There are three colours in the Nash Cling-On range, allowing you to perfectly match your putty to the bed of your venue. After all, you have put time and effort into ensuring that you hooklink is invisible and your bait is perfectly presented – the last thing you want to do is to sacrifice your stealth with clumps of dark and obtrusive putty. This is why Nash has designed the putty in three of the most popular colours, allowing you to camouflage your entire rig regardless of the conditions on the base of your venue. Firstly, you’ll find a slit coloured putty. As the name suggests, this putty has been designed to disappear against a silty background and it is brown in colour. Next up, the clay and gravel putty is perfect for these venues which have hard clay or loose gravel bottoms. Finally, there is a weed green putty. If you’re fishing between dense patches of weed then you’ll want your rig to sit in the perfect position, so as not to become tangles in the under-water growth. This is when the weed putty is perfect for you. All three of the putties come in neat and compact pots. These can be stored in any pocket of your luggage and are ideal for keeping in your tackle box for any on-bank rig adjustments.

The Nash Cling-On Putty joins a line of tungsten based products in the Nash Cling-On range. Tungsten is an exceptionally dense material which is non-absorbent, making it the perfect choice for the angler looking to sink their rig quicky and effectively. Whether you’re distance casting on a sixpence and want to avoid any drift or you’re fishing a fast flowing venue and want to nail your gear down to the bottom, Nash Cling-On has the products for you. You can construct a complete Cling-On rig, if you want a heavy weighted setup that will pin itself on the bottom of any venue. 

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