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  • The best carp food available
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Nash Top Rod Boilies - 2.4kg Bags, Nashbaits Top Rod boilies are made from our own base mixes so there is several very unique recipes that are matched to the best flavour recipes we have ever tested. All the base mix ingredients we use are either human food grade or the best animal feed grade we can obtain. It's simply not in our interest to use anything else and it's very important to us to keep the high quality. We blend all of the Top Rod base mixes on site which ensures each ingredient is inspected as we open each bag. It's so much better and it allows us to see the seasonal differences in some of the ingredients. For instance, fish meals do vary slightly on aroma and quiet a lot on coloration, this we fully understand as they are natural products with little processing but if for instance, they came in to moist or really powdered it would be rejected. If the Soya was too moist, or dark, or had a stronger aroma than it should have it would be rejected, and so on. We keep to the same suppliers that we trust which keeps the ingredients consistent, ordering on product code numbers and we keep our specification sheets up to date (part of our analytical chemists job). We can't afford to have mistakes on our ingredients as it can effect our production. Each individual ingredient has been tested regards its attractiveness to carp, not just in tank tests but on fished lakes. For instance, egg albumin attracts very little response from carp whereas whole egg powder they love. So we don't use any egg albumin in our recipes. Several fish meal types had poor responses from the carp so we only include the best response fish meals in our baits and so on. There isn't room in a boilie to have any ingredient they don't like included, even if it can be masked with flavours, there is just no point. Another very important ingredients control is storage. We always stock-rotate all products in the factory, even including empty boxes. It's air conditioned where the main ingredients storage area is, not for our own comfort but for the best keeping of the ingredients. We buy little and often, rather than bulk buying so we actually turn our stock round very regularly. Many ingredients are bought weekly, others twice monthly and hardly any once monthly so anything we make is with ingredients as fresh as possible. We use our own baits for our personal fishing and want to use only the best; it isn't hard to work out so it's the best way. Attractors wise the Top Rod boilie recipes are mostly blends of Nashbait attractors manufactured on site in the lab. Some recipes are more intense than others containing as many as 8 different flavours, powder additives and of course the base mix ingredients smell/taste. The ratio's of each additive is in some instances critical. For instance to much Red Liver oil in the Scopex Squid will mask the Scopex and the bait will not work as well. So, the Top Rod boilies are very good food, designed to feed mature fish (the big ones) and have a complicated nutritional make up from a wide range of different ingredients so the food signals are difficult for the carp to identify so the recipes are very long lasting, just like a good flavour recipe. The Top Rod boilies combine science with exceptional practical field testing to ensure they are the best food available. Because we fish for the carp, simple recipies are not as effective and just don't work for as long. Nash Top Rod recipes have been proven for decades and are the top fish catchers now that they were in their development years, quiet simply the carps food requirements have not changed so why alter the basic food sources. In the UK we only supply 5 Top Rod boilies, mainly due to the limited types of waters we fish. There are very few anglers that fish rivers, canals and the much larger low stocked waters, mainly because all our big fish live in relatively small lakes, irrigation reservoirs and gravel pits. Although there is a lot of UK bait companies very few have even 4 regular baits so Nashbait still offers a wide range in comparison. What we have noticed is most other companies bring a out a new bait one year than another the next year and so on, dropping their old ones less than a year old sometimes. We very rarely do this because we take every effort to only produce baits that have a long life, "food baits". Good food baits will be complex and will not achieve their attraction from just one source, the latest "super ingredient" which as attractive as it may seem will soon be recognized as a dangerous smell/taste. Any good bait will be instant but really good baits will have a long life and will mostly be a Nashbaits. In Europe the anglers fish a much more varied water system, with a vastly different ecology to UK waters. The natural food types are often totally different to what is found in the UK. Larger mussels, cray fish and other food sources are abundant so it is much more likely that each water is going to be "special" so its better to have a choice of more bait types. Some anglers might disagree but Gary Bayes has proven several times that one bait can be better than another on a certain water, even in just one session. For instance, Gary fished in a French river from a friends garden and Monster pursuit out fished Scopex Squid in a hot summer session, but the Scopex Squid caught the 2 biggest fish. Bait can be so interesting and it pays to keep an open mind regardless of your favourite flavour. Without a choice in bait you could be fishing without results simply because you are offering the carp the wrong bait in the wrong water on the wrong day. Experiment with different baits a little and youll definitely have fewer blanks. Monster Squid: Base mix: Monster pursuit and fishmeal squid with added Squid essential extract and Robin Red. Flavours: Shellfish Sense Appeal, Red Liver Oil, Scopex No1, Banana oil and Intense Sweetener. Monster Squid originally started life on just the Monster Pursuit base mix but has been tested and tweaked for more than 6 years and the final touches, 50/50 ing the two base mixes, adjusting the liquid recipe and powder additives certainly have finished of to perfection what started as a very good bait in the first field testing years. The Banana, Scopex, Shellfish sense appeal, Liver oil and sweeteners make the mix a rich fruity, creamy, fishy and savory blend, that covers any fishing trend on bait taste. Monster Squid is very instant and certainly catches the big fish, having accounted for the Snake pit common and also Conningbrooks 2-tone (RIP) early in 2010 during final field testing and has since caught a lot of other big fish from many waters.


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