Wychwood Predator Rods

Wychwood Predator Rods

Wychwood is a company that really understands that fishing is much more than a hobby – it’s a lifestyle. As such, the brand aims to create products that are innovative, practical, and suitable for anglers on a range of budgets. It certainly delivers with its excellent range of pike and predator rods.

Wychwood’s signature pike and predator collection is the Agitator series. Designed to allow for maximum control when playing a fish, the Agitator series represents the best of the company’s ability to produce top end performance pieces at enviably low prices. This range covers all aspects of predator fishing, whether you’re interested in a drop-shotting outfit, jig fishing, or you want a bit of kit that can give you the ability to turn even the most basic of lures into a tantalising prospect for any fish, Wychwood has you covered. You don’t have to break the bank to experience the joys of pike and predator fishing, as most of these rods come in at less than £50.

Predator fishing has been growing in popularity over the years and, in particular, drop shotting in canals has experienced a huge influx of new anglers over recent years. Many industry professionals attribute this to time – or the lack thereof – that people are able to spend angling. In this busy technological era it can be increasingly difficult to find the spare hours or days top set aside for a long fishing session. Drop shotting, as well as other forms of urban fishing, allows many anglers the opportunity to enjoy time fishing without hours of driving to a venue – all for the cost of a car park ticket!

Wychwood has been producing top quality tackle for over a quarter of a century. One of the UK’s most established brands, it continues to innovate in order to create products that enhance the angler’s enjoyment on the bank.

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