Prestige Water Bottle Bags

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Key Features

  • Water bottle carrying system
  • Can be used with any Carp-Porter
  • Supplied in a pack of two bags and bottles

Prestige Water Bottle Bags

Carp fishing barrows have become such an integral aspect of angling life, particularly for the long session angler, that it is almost impossible to think of a time before them. It is also impossible to think of angling barrows without thinking of Prestige and the impressive Carp Porter series. Although other angling brands have manufactured their own barrows, none have been as successful as Prestige and the Carp Porter barrow – and for good reason too! Carp Porter barrows are a cut above the rest, not only in terms of their design, durability, and ease of use, but also thanks to the impressive array of accessories that the brand has designed in order to allow this barrow to be used to its full potential.

One such accessory is these Prestige Water Bottle Bags. Carrying enough water down to your swim can be a nightmare, particularly if you’re heading down to the bank for a longer session. Weighty and cumbersome, water can often feel like an unnecessary excess, particularly when you’ve got your eyes firmly fixed on the carp-shaped prize which awaits you. However, spend more than an hour or so at the water’s edge, particularly on a warmer day, and you’ll soon be gasping for a drink. This is, of course, the worst time to have to abandon your newly planted setup in search of the nearest drinking fountain (or, even worse, local shop) and it really does pay to bring as much of your fluids down to the bank from the beginning. What’s more, it is well documented that poor hydration is directly linked to a drop in concentration. If there is one thing that is incredibly important on the bank it is your concentration. Not only do you need to be on the careful look out for any action on the water, watching the tip of your rods diligently for any sign of movement, but you also need to have your wits about you when you’re carefully designing your rigs. Having a drink to hand is absolutely vital.

These Prestige Water Bottle Bags ensure that carrying this precious liquid down to the water’s edge is easy and energy efficient. Supplied in pairs, these bags rest on either side of your barrow in a pannier style. This ensures that you have a balanced setup as you barrow down to the bank, making pushing the barrow significantly easier and practically eliminating the risk of your barrow twisting or tipping whilst in motion. Simply place the adjustable strap over the top of your fully loaded barrows, letting your Water Bottle Bags hang neatly over your gear. This strap can then be used to make transporting your water bottles to and from your water source easier, as you simply lay the strap over your shoulder to evenly distribute the weight of the bottles. As an additional bonus, the Prestige Water Bottle Bags come supplied with their own dedicated bottles. This means that you don’t have to worry about attempting to fit your exiting water bottles into these containers.

As you’d expect from a top end Prestige product, these Prestige Water Bottle Bags have been manufactured to the very highest standards. This ensures that these bags are every bit as durable as you would require them to be. Additionally, you do not have to use these bags for the storage of water bottles exclusively. Should you require additional storage for heavy and/or small tackle items then these bags are the perfect solution. They provide easy and convenient additional storage for all your extra terminal tackle items and food stuffs. If you’re looking for a top quality accessory for your Prestige Carp Porter in order to allow you to transport water down to the bank with ease then you need look no further than these Prestige Water Bottle Bags.

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