Proper Carp Baits Pineapple & N-Butyric Acid Pop Ups

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Key Features

  • Made to the same high standard quality
  • The same buoyancy as the other pop-ups
  • Subtle but very distinctive pineapple scent
  • Acts as a good attraction package
  • Available in 3 colours: White, Yellow and Pale Pink
  • Available in 2 sizes: 12mm and 14mm
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PPUPW14 Size: 14mm, Colour: White, Weight: 200ml
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PPUPP12 Size: 12mm, Colour: Pale Pink, Weight: 150ml
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PPUPW12 Size: 12mm, Colour: White, Weight: 150ml
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PPUPY12 Size: 12mm, Colour: Yellow, Weight: 150ml
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PPUPP14 Size: 14mm, Colour: Pale Pink, Weight: 200ml
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PPUPY14 Size: 14mm, Colour: Yellow, Weight: 200ml
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Tell Me About It

Made to the same high standards, and packing the same complex and compelling package of attraction as the rest of the Proper Carp Baits range, these buoyant pop-ups are subtly flavoured with distinctive pineapple, with butyric acid added to aid digestion.

While pineapple is a novel scent and flavour for fish, adding butyric acid to the pop ups ensures that fish feel comfortable feeding, and will relax, and settle in your swim for longer, increasing your chances of a bite.

Unusual scents like pineapple work well on pressured venues, where success tends to be found by offering the fish something they haven’t seen before.

What Discipline Is It For?

Perfect for all your carp angling bait requirements.

Why Should I Buy It?

If you’re intending to fish a popular commercial venue, investing in a range of baits in unusual flavours, which are easy for fish to digest, and available in different colours, shapes, and sizes, is the best way to give yourself an edge over other anglers, and entice suspicious fish to feed, and get them calm enough to take your hookbait.

Proper Carp Baits’ Pineapple & Butyric Acid is available in three pastel shades, pink, white, and yellow, and a choice of either 12mm or 14mm pop ups, giving you a ready-made choice that’s the perfect start to a comprehensive bait regime.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

Subtle and soothing.

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