Shimano Sea Fishing Rods

Shimano Sea Rods

Shimano has ensured that is caters across the spectrum of the sea fishing discipline. With rods for casting far out into the surf, multi-segmented rods for ease of transport and travel, and a range of rods to suit all the boat fishing styles, there really is something for all saltwater anglers. To see Shimano's range of Sea fishing reels please click here.

Saltwater fishing has always presented its own unique set of challenges to tackle designers – not least that the tackle has to withstand the highly corrosive nature of the saltwater itself! This is why all the rods on this page have been designed with sea fishing in mind and all are more than capable of standing up to the tough coastal conditions. Lightweight and offering incredible sensitivity when you need it the most, these rods perform at the cutting edge of sea fishing.

Shimano has been producing top end tackle for almost half a century. Uniquely concerned with fishing as an environmentally driven sport, the brand is committed to producing ecological tackle that aids with fish species preservation. It does this by gearing itself products towards creating a more holistic fishing experience, with the aim of enhancing the angler’s connection with nature, and thus their enjoyment of the sport, rather than inhibiting it. Promotion of fishing is the promotion of environmental welfare and Shimano takes this responsibility seriously by producing outstanding products to entice prospective sea anglers to the sport and keep old-hats hooked.

We have a number of dedicated sea anglers here at Angling Direct. As such, we’re constantly excited to share our sea fishing stories and all the latest news and products from the coast. You can find product reviews, charter fishing reports, and countless tips and tricks for sea fishing on our blog. We post new things at least twice a week, often more, so please do check back regularly to see all the newest sea fishing posts we have to offer.

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