Shakespeare Agility FD & RD Reels

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Key Features

  • Saltwater protected
  • 6+1 Ball bearings
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Anodised aluminium spool
  • Spare aluminium spool
  • CNC machined aluminium handle
  • Double handle also supplied with 35 and 40 sizes
  • Large Diameter bail wire
  • EVA handle knob
  • Weight: 310g to 340g (depending on size)
  • Gear Ratio: 5.2:1 on 35, 40, 50FD &RD
  • Gear Ratio: 4.1:1 on 60, 70FD
  • Colour: Blue on 50, 60, 70FD
  • Colour: Red on 35, 40 FD &RD
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1275136 Size: 60 FD
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1262653 Size: 35 FD
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1262657 Size: 40 RD
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1275137 Size: 70 FD
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1262656 Size: 35 RD
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1275135 Size: 50 FD
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1355802 Size: 20 FD
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1262654 Size: 40 FD
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Shakespeare Agility FD & RD Reels, Designed to complement the impressive Agility range of rods from Shakespeare, these Agility reels are available in both forward drag and rear drag options. Across the range, the Agility reels are completely saltwater resistant, making them the ideal tool for the avid sea fishing angler. The hardware on the reels has been constructed from stainless steel, enabling the reel to maintain performance in even the harshest of conditions. This includes 6 + 1 stainless steel ball bearings. These ball bearings not only improve the lifespan and durability of the reel, thanks to their friction reducing properties, but they also ensure that the reel has an incredibly smooth performance that makes it a dream to handle time after time. Across the range, the Agility reel has an anodised aluminium spool, a large diameter bail wire, and a CNC machined aluminium handle finished with an EVA knob. It also comes with a spare aluminium spool as standard. The weight of the reel varies between 310g and 340g, depending on the size of your chosen reel.

Shakespeare has spilt this reel into two categories. The first category encompasses the reels sized 35 and 40, which Shakespeare refers to as its coarse reels. These reels are available as both forward drag and rear drag (signified by either FD or RD after the product size) so you are able to tailor your reel choice to your angling style. These reels also come with a spare double handle, should you prefer the balance of a double handled reel when coarse fishing, and have a gear ratio of 5.2:1. The coarse reels are all finished with striking red accents on the spool. The second category encompasses the larger reels, sizes 50-70), which Shakespeare refers to as its saltwater reels. These reels are all forward drag outfits and have a gear ratio of either 5.2:1 (on the 50) or 4.1:1 (on the 60 and 70). Stylistically, these reels feature stunning blue accents, to match the gorgeous cosmetics on the Agility sea fishing rods.

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