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Shimano Tribal 50 Cal Rod

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Key Features

  • HPC300 Blank with Biofibre
  • Slim Frame SiC Butt Guides
  • Slender Fuji Rod Eyes
  • Excellent Casting Performance Rod
  • Rod Length: 12ft / 3.6mtrs
  • Weight: 318g (2.75lb), 326g (3lb), 347g (3.25lb)
  • Casting Weight: 100g (2.75lb), 125g (3lb), 140g (3.25lb)
  • Transport Length: 187cm
  • Number of Sections: 2
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T50CAL12325 Shimano Tribal 50, Length: 12ft, Test Curve: 3.25lb
Out of stock
T50CAL12275 Shimano Tribal 50 Cal, Length: 12ft, Test Curve: 2.75lb
Out of stock
T50CAL12300 Shimano Tribal 50 Cal, Length: 12ft, Test Curve: 3.0lb
Out of stock
Shimano Tribal 50 Cal Rods, The Tribal 50 CAL offers outstanding performance, combined with a fashionable retro look. Built using ultra slim blanks and available in a wide range of balanced test curves, the Tribal 50 CAL uses HPC (High Pressure Carbon) technology which offers a massive increase in compression strength. The result is more responsiveness and reliability when distance casting. A newly designed reel seat ensures the reel and rod work as a solid unit, even under extreme casting conditions and the rods are finished with a slim-line Fuji tip guide to reduce line wraps. High Pressure Carbon: During the heating process of any rod or pole the resin can be pushed to the surface of the blank which may cause an uneven distribution, resulting in weak spots. With High Pressure Carbon (HPC), pressure is applied to the blank during the heating process, forcing the resin to remain inside and ensuring an even spread. The result is amazing, creating a blank which can be up to 40% stronger than blanks made without HPC. Biofibre: Adding Biofibre reinforces the carbon fibres in all directions. This gives outstanding strength, shock resistance, lightness and power.
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