Subsurface - Brave New World

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  • 1st Edition
  • Published: 22/11/2013
  • Publisher: M Press (Media) Ltd
  • Format: Paperback
  • Page count: 368p
  • ISBN: 9780957255982
Subsurface: Brave New World, Subsurface is on course to set new precedents in how carp angling is documented and portrayed with a brand new attitude and set of values; proudly independent and focussed entirely on the highest quality editorial content, design and photography. Material supplied by Gareth Fareham, Terry Hearn, Terry Dempsey, Terry Pethybridge, Geoff Bowers, Scott Karabowicz and many many more. There are some familiar faces, and some you will not recognise, so the material for Issue 1 is as diverse as a beautifully penned Thames story about the build up to the '16th' by Terry Hearn, through to a piece about avoiding the authorities by underground angler and prolific world renowned street artist, Hadley Ever. Worlds apart. Issue 1 hopes to provide little of what you might expect, and much of what you don't... There are a few threads and links that evolved and developed throughout the production of this debutant issue, and far from being a script we ran with and followed to conclusion, rather we let it 'build itself' in many ways. The major interviews with Terry Dempsey, Terry Pethybridge and Geoff Bowers are all intrinsically linked, through the early fishmeal days and Darenth and Yateley scenes, but each discusses the times with much different perspectives and viewpoints, Terry Dempsey's being an unapologetically 'magical' experience, and we dig much deeper than anyone else has into the psyche of one of the most captivating and interesting anglers out there. Pethybridge's story is a working mans reality of laying bricks 5 days a week and rolling 360 eggs worth of fishmeal in his kitchen and Geoff's story is one we should all know, as in many ways it is the story we are all now part of; the history of the modern day fishmeal. Gritty old slide photos, wooly jumpers and characterful mirrors abound....
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