The Savay Chronicles

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  • 1st Edition
  • Author: Freebird Publishing
  • Publisher: Freebird Publishing
  • Page cont: 480
  • Format: Hardback
  • ISBN: 978-0-9572312-2-1
The Savay Chronicles, For many carp anglers, Savay Lake is as mystical a place as Redmire Pool; a lake that few have fished but where many would dearly love to. For five decades this seventy acre lake has been producing fish that would make the carp world sit up and gasp, but it wasnt until the early eighties that the real stories of multiple catches of twenties and thirties started to filter out through the angling press. Mike Wilsons iconic pose on the front of the first Carp Society magazine caught everybodys attention, and then the bible that is The Carp Strikes Back, by Rod Hutchinson, focussed that attention and moved Savay Lake towards its now mythical status. Further excellent books, in the shape of Rob Maylins Tiger Bay and John Harrys Savay, confirmed that status, and the fact that only a very few anglers were ever invited to join the elite syndicate just added to the Savay mystique. Many great anglers have trod Savays black mud, but one man can rightly be known as Mr Savay, and that is the late Pete Broxup. His diligence, foresight and downright hard work has no doubt made the lake what it is today, and what it has always been under his leadership a magical place where monsters abide. This book is, rightly, dedicated to Pete, but there are many more who deserve mention, and within these pages youll read many of their stories. Over 30 anglers have contributed to this tribute of a lake and a man who helped mould it. Amongst them are Mike Wilson, Rod Hutchinson, Albert Romp, Brian Hankins, Bruce Ashby, Frank Ward, Andy Little, John Harry, Clive Williams, Richard Grundy, Jordan Wesley and many more. This may not be the definitive history of Savay Lake, but its pretty damn close and with over 600 photos, stretching back to the very first carp stockings in the early fifties, this is a must for carp anglers young and old.
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