Abu Garcia 7500C Elite Reel

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Key Features

  • Smooth Carbon Matrix drag system
  • Redesigned and strengthened spool spindle
  • Brass side-plates
  • Aluminium spool
  • 4-pin adjustable centrifugal brake
  • Bulb handle
  • Line capacity: 270m/0.45mm
  • Recovery: 71cm
  • 2+1 Ball bearing
  • Aluminium spool
Abu Garcia 7500C Elite Reel, Abu Garcia is a brand that is famous among the sea fishing community for creating expertly designed sea fishing reels for use across the discipline. This expertise has even been recognised by royalty and the brand holds the prestigious title of Purveyor to the Royal Swedish Court for its continued manufacturing excellence. The brand designs much of its tackle with the Swedish coastline in mind, but this 7500C Elite has been designed by the Abu Garcia team with the UK’s saltwater fishing scene in mind. To accommodate the specific needs of the UK’s sea fishing scene Abu Garcia has fitted the 7500C Elite with a completely redesigned spool spindle. This spool spindle has been strengthened to ensure that gear alignment is precisely maintained even under the kinds of hard casts and heavy loads that UK anglers frequently employ. The 7500C Elite has been fitted with brass side plates to further improve the strength of the reel as well as aiding with its resistance to corrosion. Stainless steel bearings have been strategically placed throughout the reel in order to maintain the smooth retrieve (an impressive 71cm per handle turn) that UK angler’s demand from their reels. The Elite couldn’t be considered an elite reel unless it contained Abu Garcia’s patented drag system. Carbon Matrix Drag is significantly stronger, smoother, and harder wearing than any other drag system currently on the market. This allows the UK angler to fish confidently with either monofilament or braided mainlines for the ocean’s biggest fish. The four pin centrifugal braking system can be adapted for any circumstance and allows for effortless distance casts no matter the weather conditions. The 7500C Elite is an all round performer that offers resilience, strength, and incredible durability. Ideal for all rough ground work, this is also a perfect reel choice for the angler looking to enjoy uptide boat casting as well as 20lb line boat fishing.
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