Advanta Discovery CCX Summit Camo Basha

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Key Features

  • Traditional military style shelter, superb for those secret swims that require a stealthy approach
  • 18 reinforced webbing fabric loops, positioned middle and sides
  • Brass eyelets on the corners and middle of edges
  • 5 central reinforced webbing pitch loops
  • Interlocking snap fasteners for multi-use
  • Fully waterproof single coated reinforced polyester fabric
  • Can also be used as a giant barrow cover too
  • Clip together each side to form an envelope
  • You can use these sheets as an emergency crash/sleeping bag on the ground to stay dry
  • Dims: 262cm L x 168cm W x 84cm H - PITCHED

Advanta Discovery CCX Summit Camo Basha

If you’re in the market for a versatile angling item which has proved its worth on the bank time after time in a whole manner of scenarios then you need look no further – the Advanta Discovery CCX Summit Camo Basha is the ultimate tool for use in a whole manner of situations. At its heart it is a traditional military style shelter but, with a little bit of imagination and ingenuity, it can be transformed into a whole range of items. This has to make it one of the most versatile items that the avid carp angler can own and, when you’ve used it once, you’ll soon wonder how you ever got by without it.

First things first, this Advanta Discovery CCX Summit Camo Basha has been manufactured from a fully waterproof coated polyester. This is a reinforced fabric which ensures that it can guarantee complete protection from the rain, whilst also being significantly lighter in weight than any bivvy, brolly, or overwrap currently on the market! Heavy duty, this fabric is resistant to the kinds of rips and tears from bankside debris to which you might ordinarily expect a product like this to be susceptible. This fabric has been finished, as the name suggests, in a DPM camouflage print, giving it a cool and carpy look to match your carp fishing luggage collection. The Advanta Discovery CCX Summit Camo Basha features 18 reinforced webbing fabric loops which are positioned along the middle and sides of the Basha, as well as five central reinforced webbing pitch loops. These have been designed to aid you when pitching or pegging your Basha and they are also ideal for securing your Summit Basha, too. Interlocking snap fasteners maintain the versatility of the product and ensure that you can set it up in any manner of configurations whilst still enjoying the full benefits that it is able to offer.

The Advanta Discovery CCX Summit Camo Basha can be enjoyed in a whole variety of ways. Firstly, it has been based on the design of a traditional military shelter. This means, when used in conjunction with a couple of storm poles and a bit of string drawn between two trees, you’ll be able to create a small A-frame shelter. If you’re someone who likes to fish in secret swims or you’re someone who enjoys a stealthy approach to angling then this is the ideal shelter option for you. It might not have all the creature comforts of a traditional bivvy or brolly but it will keep the rain off your head just as well! If you clip both sides of the Basha together you can create an envelope style shelter. This allows you to form an emergency crash or sleeping bag, which is ideal if you’re fishing well and want to urn your short day session into a quick overnighter. This is also perfect if you were planning on spending the night under the stars but the weather has other plans, as you can tuck your sleeping bag into the envelope in order protect you from any damp. By pegging down one side of the Basha and propping the other up on a couple of storm poles, you can also create a small lean-to shelter – offering you a panoramic view over your swim whilst also protecting you from the worst of the elements.

Additionally, the Advanta Discovery CCX Summit Camo Basha can also be used as a huge barrow cover. This is the perfect option for the angler who likes to have a whole host of gear with them, as it ensures that all your luggage can be completely protected! This really is the ultimate multi-use bankside essential.

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