Advanta Protector Hi-Loft Cradle Large

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Key Features

  • Built on a steel frame for ultimate strength
  • Deep mattress section, complete with side drainage holes to retain water in the centre for increased fish care
  • Full perimeter padding over the frame
  • Over-flap for fish safety
  • Three sets of legs providing great stability
  • Leg lock system
  • Supplied in a carry case
  • Dimensions: 100cm L x 65cm W x 30cm H
  • Weight: 5.2kg

Good fish care is a core part of good angling. If you’re catching fish, you should be looking after them while they’re on the bank with you and fish care products are there to help with keeping carps comfortable when out of the waters.

Launched in 2011, the dynamic Advanta brand offers anglers a developed range of simple core products designed to improve your fishing. With hundreds of years of combined knowledge from Advanta’s professional staff to tap into, there is no shortage of angling expertise crafted into the UK brand’s range of fishing tackle. Advanta provides for a number of angling disciplines, with a major focus on Carp, Coarse and Match and Predator fishing.

Perfect for carp angling, the Advanta Protector Hi-Loft Cradle is able to retain more water, for longer, making a pool in the centre of the cradle where the fish would lay. This will keep the carp calm and comfortable while you unhook and set up your camera, and prepare everything for a completely smooth return. The mesh drainage panels at either end of the cradle ensure that the hole cradle does not become waterlogged during the release, which helps prevent mould and deterioration of the fabric. These side drainage holes also ensure that your Hi-Loft cradle remains functional and safe for many carping sessions to come.

The Protector cradle features a deep mattress section for increased fish care comfort. The material of the hammock centre is made from PVC, offering waterproof, easy to wipe clean benefits. This means you do not end up with a stinky fish slime mat at the end of the session to carry back to the car. The hammock design of the cradle means that a fish’s weight in the centre will prevent it from flipping out of the cradle/ off the mat and injuring themselves. The cradle also has padding around the full perimeter of the frame to ensure when placing carp from the net to mat that it does not catch on any sharp corners or edges of the mat.

Designed with lightweight strength of 5.2kg, the Hi-Loft Cradle from Advanta gives you 100cm x 65cm x 30cm of space. This is the perfect size for almost any carp you’re likely to catch in UK waters. The heavier carp will be fully supported too as the cradle is built on a steel frame for ultimate strength. There are also three sets of legs that feature a leg lock system, providing great stability when you are not next to the cradle.

Advanta has also included an over-flap to cover the cradle which boosts the fish safety from jumping out the cradle but also enables some shade from the sunny spells or cover from dirt and debris. An to make the commute from car to bank easier, the cradle comes with a carry case.

So for a full-featured, affordable cradle to take care of those catches, consider Advanta Protector.

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