Advanta X5 Dumpy Pellet Waggler

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Key Features

  • Big diameter hollow tip
  • Super high visibility tip
  • Hollow plastic stem
  • Bulbous balsa body
  • Low friction paint finish
  • Self-cocking/adjustable disc weight
  • Swivel base eye
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Advanta X5 Dumpy Pellet Waggler, As its name suggests, a short pellet waggler float with a bulbous body, which helps to pop it back up to the surface quickly after landing. This helps you to spot instant takes and also doesnt disturb fish by diving too deeply. These floats are fully loaded too, but have a thin extra disc weight that can be removed in choppy conditions, to raise the sight tip up higher. X5 Dumpy Pellet Wagglers have been designed primarily for shallow commercial fisheries, for use with hair-rigged, banded or directly hooked pellets. However, they can also be used for fishing shallow river runs when top and bottom attached floats are struggling. Best methods of attachment are to use a locking float adaptor or elongated line stops either side of the float. Unlike many pellet waggler designs, these floats have hollow plastic tips that let the light through, making them much easier to see. Advanta X5 Running Line Floats, Advanta X5 running line floats cover many traditional designs but with a modern twist, featuring super bright hollow plastic tips, capable of showing up every indication, even in the trickiest of light conditions. The range also includes cutting-edge loaded pellet wagglers. All of these superbly crafted floats are intended to make your fishing an even more enjoyable experience, at the same time helping you to connect with more fish – thanks to the translucent sight tips that glow like beacons!

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