Advanta X5 Silver Finesse

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Key Features

  • Fibreglass bristle
  • High visibility tip
  • Tapered body-down shape
  • Low set side eye
  • Wire stem
  • Low friction finish
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AD734 Weight: 0.1g
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AD735 Weight: 0.2g
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AD736 Weight: 0.3g
10+ in stock
AD737 Weight: 0.4g
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Advanta X5 Silver Finesse, Finer tipped version of the X5 Carp Finesse, designed for silver fish on venues like canals, drains and lakes. When held on a tight line with strung micro shot, the wire stem smoothly cocks the float to show up immediate bites. This is a top speed fishing model for catching big bags of small to medium sized fish, or for use when big fish are playing hard to get. Smaller sizes work well with evenly strung micro shot, while the 0.3g and 0.4g models can be used with small bulks and dropper shot spread out below, for deeper water. This versatile float can be used with small baits like pinkies, maggots, casters, hemp and punched bread, with super fine tackle, or with stepped up line strengths for presenting pellets and worms for larger fi sh. The translucent fibreglass bristle shows up brightly and is extremely sensitive, showing up the slightest of indications. The X5 Pole Float Range, Advanta X5 pole floats offer a great selection of practical body shapes and stem materials, with a choice of sensitive fibre tipped models, or larger diameter hollow plastic tipped versions. This means you can uniquely use the same float shape, whether targeting silver fish or carp. The silver fish models have standard side eyes, set in their bodies, so as not to interfere with their super sensitive fibreglass bristles. All carp designs in the range have coiled wire eyes set at the base of their hollow plastic tips, to avoid any chances of body damage. All floats are beautifully made, competitively priced and feature the brightest translucent tips you are ever likely to see. X5 takes bite spotting to a completely new level!

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