Advanta X5 Thick Tip Insert Waggler

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Key Features

  • Big diameter plastic insert
  • Super high visibility tip
  • Straight peacock stem
  • Plastic base eye
  • Low friction paint finish
  • Versatile shotting capacities
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AD770 Weight: 2AAA+ (1.6g+)
AD771 Weight: 3AAA+ (2.4g+)
AD772 Weight: 4AAA+ (3.2g+)
AD773 Weight: 5AAA+ (4g+)
Advanta X5 Thick Tip Insert Waggler, Thicker tipped insert wagglers offer better visibility in choppy water, also when fishing at range or into shaded areas. These floats wont drag under too easily, especially when fishing over-depth. The bigger diameter hollow plastic tips give similar buoyancy to straight wagglers, but are much easier to see. Similar to the X5 Thin Tip version they work best with most shotting around the base of the float and just a few small micros spread out below. This gains further casting distances and gives the hook bait a slow fall through the water. The plastic base eye makes a good footing to fit a float adaptor, which allows quick changes in float sizes, without having to break rigs down. A top choice for bigger fish and demanding venues, including rivers. Thanks to the anti-friction paint finish, two or three spread dropper shot will smoothly dot the float tip down in stages, helping to show up bites on the drop. Apart from traditional baits like maggots, casters and smaller pellets, these floats can handle larger offerings as well. Advanta X5 Running Line Floats, Advanta X5 running line floats cover many traditional designs but with a modern twist, featuring super bright hollow plastic tips, capable of showing up every indication, even in the trickiest of light conditions. The range also includes cutting-edge loaded pellet wagglers. All of these superbly crafted floats are intended to make your fishing an even more enjoyable experience, at the same time helping you to connect with more fish – thanks to the translucent sight tips that glow like beacons!

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