Anchor Standard Double Cut Shot Dispensers

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Key Features

  • Non-toxic and completely legal to use in the UK
  • Keep line damage to a minimum
  • Easy to open and close
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SH6L Anchor Standard Double Cut Dispensers, Size: 6 DIVISION LARGE
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SH4A Anchor Standard Double Cut Dispensers, Size: 4 DIVISION REGULAR
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SH6 Anchor Standard Double Cut Dispensers, Size: 6 DIVISION REGULAR
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SH8 Anchor Standard Double Cut Dispensers, Size: 8 DIVISION REGULAR
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SH4B Anchor Standard Double Cut Dispensers, Size: 4 DIVISION ODD
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Anchor Standard Double-Cut Non-toxic Shot Dispensers 

Established in the 1970s by Ross Keightley, Anchor has been at the forefront of fishing weight production for almost 40 years. The brand first took off due to the custom-build machines Ross used to create and shape his weights, ensuring that each product came out of the system perfect – gram-for-gram. When, in the 1980s, a new law was introduced against the use of lead in tackle, Anchor led the way in split-shot weight production. Originally the brand focussed on iron-based split shots which were within the line of the law. However, these were too expensive to produce, so the brand went back to the drawing board. Next up, the brand created tin-based split shots. However, these were far too hard and anglers found that their fishing lines were getting damaged during their rig construction. Never one to be put off by a setback, Ross immediately began work on a new split shot design that would revolutionise the angling industry: the Double Cut was born.

The Double Cut transformed the stiff tin-shot into a shot that was easy to open and close, hanging centrally without damaging any line. This ensures that you can fish with accuracy and precision – with the confidence that your line is every bit as strong and durable as you expect it to be. The double cut split shots are not only easy to use and highly effective but they are also 100% non-toxic and comply with all UK regulations – ensuring that they are completely fish friendly.

There are three different sized dispensers in the range. The largest of these is an eight partition dispenser. This comes supplied with a huge variety of shots, ensuring that you’re able to choose the perfect weight for your needs. The heaviest shot that comes supplied with the eight partition dispenser is an SSG shot, which is 1.6g. This is followed by an SA and AAA shot, which are 1.2g and 0.8g respectively. The two intermediate shots in the set are an AB and a BB. These are 0.6g and 0.4g and are ideal for a whole host of scenarios. Finally, the three smallest shots in the range are a 1 (0.3g), a 4 (0.2g), and a 6 (0.1g) and this is the perfect starter set for the angler looking to enjoy a range of fishing scenarios.

There is also a micro-shot version of the eight partition dispenser. These shots are green in colour, making them ideal for pole fishing. As the name suggests, they are significantly smaller in size – with the largest shot weighing in at 0.068g and the smallest a mere 0.005g!

The intermediate dispenser has six divisions and it holds a range of intermediate weights. The largest of these is the SSG, followed by the AAA, BB, 1, 4, and 6. This ensures that you have a good range of shot weights – including weights at the top and bottom of the average scale. The four partition dispenser offers the four weights in the intermediate portion of the scale – AAA, BB, 1 and 4 – to ensure that you can still target most venues even with this reduced selection.

The dispenser itself is manufactured from robust plastic and has been designed to fit in a range of luggage options – ensuring that it doesn’t take up valuable space in your tackle collection on the bank. If you’re looking for high-quality legal shots which don’t damage your line then you need look no further – the Anchor Standard Double Cut Dispenser is ideal for you. 

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