Fly Fishing Bait and Paste

You may not find a whole lot of variety in our fly fishing bait section as this discipline uses artificial flies in order to entice species of salmon and trout. You can check our collection of flies for fly fishing here

What Fishing Baits are Used in Fly Fishing?

You won’t really be using pellets, boilies and ground bait in your fly fishing but you will find some bait pastes on this page, specifically tailored to scents that trout are drawn to. Fly anglers will use bait paste to increase interest in their artificial flies and end tackle

Berkeley are one of the brands that offer bait pastes dedicated to fly fishing species. You can pick yourself up a tub of bait paste for under £10. It is certainly something to have in your fly fishing vest! Check for everything else you need for fly fishing in our dedicated guide; What Equipment Do You NEED to Start Fly Fishing?

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