Aqua Endura Net Float

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Key Features

  • Size 200 mm (w) x n/a (h) x 50 mm (d)
  • Khaki green colour
  • Fits most modern nets
  • Aids landing fish
  • Keeps spreader block buoyant
  • Great bit of kit!

Aqua Endura Net Float

You’ve got your waders on, rod in one hand, net in the other, and you’re striding out into the water ready to land what you suspect is a new personal best carp. You temporarily release you net to crank your capture in a little closer, reach down to pick up your net ready for the final lunge… only to discover that your net has sunk down into the watery depths! Not only does this jeopardise your chance of a successful landing but it also means you’re going to have to get very wet reaching down to retrieve your vital gear.

However, as common as this is, loosing your net in the water need not be an issue for the modern angler to contend with. Products such as the Aqua Endura Net Float have been purpose designed in order to prevent this from ever happening again. Available in a classic carp fishing khaki, the Endura Net Float simply slides down your landing net handle and over the base of your spreader block, fixing into place at the point at which the two arms divert. Since the spreader block is often the heaviest part of your net – usually being manufactured from metal or a robust plastic, this gives you buoyancy where you need it the most. This is ideal for the above scenario; when you find yourself having to wade out into the water in order to land your capture. This isn’t the only scenario when having a buoyant net is a bonus, however. The Aqua Endura Net Float will also aid with the landing of fish from the bank, as it supports the weight of the (often) heavy waterlogged mesh in order to enable you to manoeuvre your net through the water with ease. This really is a great bit of kit that is ideal for every angler.

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