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Aqua XL Unhooking Mat

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Key Features

  • Performance grade AQUATEXX
  • 4 carry handles
  • Deep 2 layer foam construction
  • Hard wearing base fabric
  • 4pegging rings
  • Fully zipped fish retaining flap
  • Dimensions: 1250mm (w) x 850mm (d) x 120mm (h)

Big carp need big protection, and the Aqua XL Unhooking Mat provides it.

Made from performance grade Aquatexx, and covered with fish friendly PVC, this deep-padded mat is at the top of the fish protection game, ensuring that all your large specimens are perfectly protected on the bank, and can be returned to the water in the best possible condition to swim away and fight another day.

A fully zipped fish retaining flap, and four strong carry handles allows you to carry your quarry back to the water’s edge in complete comfort and security, giving a less stressful catch experience, keeping the fish calm, and lessening the chances of injury from repeated handling.

At 1250mm x 850mm x 120mm, this mat gives you plenty of space for all your specimens, while two layers of deep foam cushion your catch, preventing damage from bankside stones and bumps, as well as relaxing the fish while it’s being unhooked.

A superior unhooking mat for superior anglers, Aqua’s  XL Unhooking Mat should be the first choice of committed carpers and specimen hunters everywhere.

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