Avid Carp Distance Marker Rod

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Key Features

  • Built on a top-quality carbon blank
  • Gloss Finish
  • Fuji K-Series rings
  • 50mm butt ring
Avid Carp Distance Marker Rod, If you're serious about feature finding, this top-end rod is for you. For one reason or another, lots of anglers spend Hundreds of pounds on expensive fishing rods, yet tend to buy cheaper spod and marker rods. In lots of situations, these rods are often used more frequently and in more demanding situations than general fishing rods, so it's essential that you buy something that's going to live up to the job. This purpose built feature-finding rod is capableof chucking a marker float and heavy lead hugedistances. Boasting a stiff yet sensitive tip, the rod willtransmit loads of information straight back through theblank of the rod, allowing you to feel every variationand feature on the lake bed. Like the Distance Spod,this beautifully built rod is super strong and boasts top-qualityfixtures and fittings.
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Manufacturer Product ID AVMARKER

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