Berkley Pulse Spintail Lure 9g

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Key Features

  • Double blade for exclusive vibrating action
  • Ball bearing swivel
  • Fusion 19 treble hook
  • Casts like a rocket!
  • 8x Catching colours
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1519659 Colour: Wagasaki
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1519660 Colour: Holo Perch
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1519661 Colour: Dark & Dirty Roach
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1519662 Colour: Sambal Ayu
3 in stock
1519663 Colour: Pearl Pink
5+ in stock
1519664 Colour: Red Head
5+ in stock
1519665 Colour: Candy Lime
5+ in stock
1519666 Colour: Black & Red
4 in stock

Established in1937, Berkley is a company that strives to make fishing fun and help anglers over the globe catch more fish. It’s this drive which has helped Berkley to grow from humble roots to be one of the leading fishing tackle companies in the world.

The Berkley Pulse Spintail Lure weighs in at 9g and offers predator anglers the perfect weapon to attracting pike, perch and zander fish. Equipped with a big realistic eye to attract the fish, this lure will easily hook monster predators with the super sharp Fusion 19 treble hook on a ball bearing swivel.

This incredibly unique jig spinner lure sports a set of double spinner blades that are attached to the tail of the lure. One big and one small, these blades work cohesively to create maximum pressure and movement which is paired with the rest of the lures beefy body.

Additionally, the two blades on the Spintail create lots of noise and reflections that a pike cannot resist. With a slow sinking swimming behaviour, the Pulse Spintail can help with searching for predators by casting it out and retrieving at the lowest possible speed which helps to sink the lure to the bottom. With 1-2 quick turns of the reel you can lift the lure and this action is sure to drive the predator’s crazy.

If that was not enough, the lure comes in eight eye-catching colours of Wagasaki, Holo Perch, Dark & Dirty Roach, Sambal Ayu, Pearl Pink, Red Head, Candy Lime and Black & Red.

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