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Carp Fishing Bait Boxes – Bank Bug Every angler knows that having a place to store your bait is one of the most important things. Proper storage of baits can keep it fresh for longer, and keeping bait in a handy box is one of the easiest ways to transport it to and from the bank. This is why Bank Bug has designed a series of bait boxes, for all your carp bait storage needs. A brand dedicated to creating top quality carp fishing products, Bank Bug’s range of bait storage containers includes large lidded bait buckets which not only allow you to see the contents of the bucket easily but also repels sunlight to keep the bait at a more even temperature. This is just one of the ways that Bank Bug works to ensure that its range of bait boxes are superior to any other on the market and it is this kind of attention to detail that the dedicated angler requires. Bank Bug has also designed a dedicated artificial tackle storage facility. Recognising that artificial baits need different storage to fresh baits and noticing the rise in popularity of plastic baits such a corn pop-ups, Bank Bug set to work to design a suitable container for plastic bait storage and transportation. The end result is a multi-potted box that can store a whole host of different plastic baits. It even includes a plastic spoon so you can easily remove the baits from their pots. Many of Bank Bug’s bait boxes also have ready to go labels. We can’t count the number of times we’ve gone down to the bank, holding a pot of ready mixed bait, only to open it up and discover that we’ve brought something completely different! These ready to go labels ensure that you never make the same mistakes that we do and there’s really no excuse for not picking up a pen and jotting down the contents of your bait box! If you’re looking for a bait storage solution, you need look no further than Bank Bug’s range of bait boxes for carp anglers.