Century Carp Rods

Century seeks to enhance a carp angler's escapism of sitting on the bank or in a boat and the peace the angler feels with being at one with the water, nature, and the fish. The ability to go carp fishing is the ability to change everyday routines, transform the ordinary into something exciting, and Century believes there is no better thrill than watching your carp rod begin to arch with a catch on the other end!

Providing carp anglers with quality tackle, Century uses raw materials in its carp rods and has close relationships with the prime suppliers of these materials. This close relationship translates into a deep understanding of the materials Century use in all its tackle and the way the materials interact with each other in order to best perform on the bank. Anglers get the direct benefit from this relationship Century has built with its primary suppliers, as it gives direct results on the bank.

Often constructed from high modulus carbon fibres, the Century carp rods offer a complex resin support system, meaning that Century rods have excellent action, are highly durable, and give top quality performance throughout their lifetime. The rods from Century also feature anti-twist technology which helps to maintain casting ring alignment, even on aggressive casts, ensuring you’re able to achieve mind-blowing distance casts of your line.

For carp anglers wanting to break records, the Century SP rods (Special Performance) benefits from patented autoclave technology. This is a curing process that ensures that the low-density carbon resin rod can withstand a high level of torque.

The Century carp rods are ideal for use on the UK’s biggest venues, as well as on the largest carp fishing waters that continental Europe has to offer thanks to its rods impressive fittings such as DPS reel seats, 50mm guide configurations and a range of test curves.

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