Shimano Carp Rods

Shimano fishing Carp Rods As one of the biggest and most respected brands on the global market, it is unsurprising that Shimano supplies such a fantastic range of carp rods.

We, here at Angling Direct, stock a full selection of Shimano tackle rods, including Shimano rods from the Tribal, Vengeance, and Avilio ranges. This comprehensive selection ensures that no matter what carp rod type you’re looking for, Shimano Fishing UK has the Shimano rod for you.

Our range of Shimano rods come in at a variety of price points, from rods which are less than £40 to rods that are over £240. Whether you’re an avid angler who is looking to invest in a top-quality carp rod or you’re just starting out on your carp angling journey, we have a carp rod for you. No matter your budget, you’re able to experience the incredible performance of expert Shimano carp rod technology.  Other than price there are variations in rod lengths so you can tailor to your own fishing and casting techniques. Whether you need a Shimano 10ft carp rod to get further out to the margin or a Shimano 9ft carp rod for closer-knit casts, there are a variety of lengths to choose from.

Many of these options are a Shimano travel carp rod, meaning you can have a rod in a few separate blanks that are way easier to commute, especially for UK anglers that like to commute far to our favourite waters.

The Shimano tx2 carp rod and Shimano tx1 carp rods are popular for offers power and performance without compromising feel, sensitivity as well as your budget. The Shimano velocity carp rod is exclusive to Angling Direct and packs a 5lb test curve, sending spods and spombs out to a distance of up to 150yards in the hands of an experienced angler with a well-developed casting technique, and allowing you to present a full load of spod bait to those elusive marginal carp with ease, hopefully luring them over to your line during the course of a session.

To match our range of Shimano rods, we also stock carp rod accessories, such as tip and butt protectors. These are vital elements of your tackle collection as they protect your rod in storage and in transit to ensure it performs to its very best when you need it.

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