Carp Side of the Moon

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Key Features

  • 1st Edition
  • Author: Pete Springate
  • Date of Publication: 2012
  • Published by Freebird Publishing
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Page count: 397
  • ISBN:978-0-9572312-0-7
Carp Side of the Moon, by Pete Springate This book has been a long time coming,We are sure you'll agree. Pete Springate is not known as Sir for nothing; it is a sign of the affection and respect that his peers have for him, and in this, the first of two volumes of his life in carp angling, you will see how he earned that respect. In a time that pioneering really was what was needed to seek out and catch the elusive carp, Pete was at the forefront of many ideas and innovations. This book traces his fishing from his first roach to some of the most iconic captures in carp fishing history. But Pete isn?t just a carp angler, and in his book you?ll learn about his love for fishing rivers and streams for roach, chub and barbel - in the height of summer and the depths of winter. But mainly it's about his quest for carp. You may think that you've read quite a bit about Pete in various magazine articles, but this is the real deal, straight from the great man's diaries, and contains stories and photos never before published. It is proof, if proof were needed, why Pete has rightly earned the prefix 'Sir'. With over 400 pages to read and 420 plus full colour pictures (well most of them anyway) dating from the early 50's and his childhood, up until the end of the 80's this is a must read book for any carp angler.
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