Casting for 'Cloopers' - A Collection of Fishing Trials and Tribulations

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Key Features

  • 1st Edition
  • Author: Trevor Pritchard
  • Date of Publication: 2013
  • Published by Bountyhanter Publications
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Page count: 404
  • ISBN: 978-0-9569800-5-2
Casting for 'Cloopers', by Trevor Pritchard A entertaining collection of fishing trials and tribulations by Trevor Pritchard. Most people may know Trevor Pritchard from the fishing series Day Ticket which was first bought to our TV screens in 2003; however his carp fishing obsession actually started at a very young age indeed. Growing up in Rickmansworth, in the heart of the Colne Valley, Trevor was always destined to fish for carp. A stone's throw from St Mary's church there is a tiny overgrown and picturesque pool, hidden away behind allotments. This would become a magnet to him in his early teens; eager to uncover its secrets, eager to finally set his hook into one of those mystical beasts that lay beneath the scummy and lily strewn surface. As he grew up, with his first 20 pounder landed, Trevor would move off to pastures new in search of giants; to explore other magical and mystical gravel pits that lay further along the valley. Carp were in his blood now, he had seen true monsters yet they still eluded him. This book takes you on his journey of discovery via a temporary yet successful dalliance with big eels, and then finally back to a lake he fished as a young boy, to hunt down and land a true thoroughbred mid-30 pound Leney. Huge catfish in the UK and across Europe are his next temporary diversion, as are huge roach and perch. A trip across the Atlantic to Canada's west coast sees him land mighty white sturgeon up to 250lbs, before he turns his attentions firmly back to his carp fishing in the UK. There is a fish that has been eluding him for many years; he has set his heart on this fish, he has come close so many times before. A UK forty pounder is not such a rare creature these days; however Trevor is yet to have one. Bringing his story right up to date, he thinks he has finally found the water to fulfil his dreams; will he land that much anticipated and long awaited 40?.....
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