CC Moore Belachan Paste Block

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Key Features

  • 100% Fermented shrimp paste
  • Salty and strong smelling
  • Carp are practically addicted to it
  • Supplied in a solid block form
  • Can be crumbled into almost any bait

CC Moore Belachan Paste Block For those anglers with a more exotic pallet, you may be familiar with the name Belachan and will have seen it appear numerous times in your recipe books.

Belachan has Malaysian origins, and is used to provide a deep, rich, and salty fish flavour to Malaysian cuisine. This strongly scented block is, in fact, 100% fermented shrimp. These shrimp are allowed to ferment in hot sunny conditions before being mulched down and pressed into the block you see before you.

What’s most surprising about this smelly block of shrimp paste, however, is how much carp love it! This solid block of Belachan is the perfect tool to add to any bait, and it is so unbelievably attractive that you could be convinced that carp haven’t eaten for months when you see the way they throw themselves at this bait. It is perfect to add to pellets and particles, and it works incredibly well in any boilie, method, spod, or stick mix.

CC Moore recommends that this block is grated using a fine cheese grater to achieve the best results in a dry mix – and suggests a 75g:1kg ratio is used. Belachan is very potent! For a wet or boilie mix, CC Moore recommends that the grated Belachan is added first to liquid egg and allowed to rest for up to 15 minutes before mixing or rolling. After some serious experimenting, CC Moore believes it has found the perfect combination to make carp go crazy: 60% Intense Hemp, 30% Frozen Bloodworm, and 10% grated Belachan. This, CC Moore believes, creates the perfect carpet feed for any angling situation. The versatility and effectiveness of Belachan can not be over-stated – although nor can the smell! It really needs to be seen to be believed, so why not pick up a block of CC Moore’s Belachan and try it out for yourself?

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