CC Moore Frozen Water Snails

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Key Features

  • Freshly frozen miniature water snails
  • Make a perfect addition to most big-carp loose feeds
  • Rich in salt, calcium &other essential nutrients
  • Naturally drive fish wild with their taste &aroma
  • Weight: 500g
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CC Moore Frozen Water Snails

If you’re looking for a unique way to create a stir in your swim then you need look no further. These Frozen Water Snails by CC Moore are ideal for use when you’re fishing for big carp using loose feed or stick mixes. The power of fresh bait when you’re fishing for carp should not be underestimated and these CC Moore Frozen Water Snails have a devastating effect no matter what conditions you’re angling in. the snails have high salt and calcium levels, ensuring that they are rich in the right kind of nutrients which really send the carp wild. These baits have the added benefit of already being part of a carp’s natural diet, too. This means that they treat them with much less caution than they may man-made baits (such as boilies), encouraging them to feed with confidence.

As you might expect, these snails add a fantastic crunch to any bait mix. This ensures that they will keep carp grubbing around for hours on end and adding this additional texture to your feed is a great way to maintain carp interest for an extended period of time. However, where these CC Moore Frozen Water Snails really come into their own is through their natural aroma and flavour. These really do drive carp wild, stimulating the carp’s natural feeding instincts. CC Moore recommends mixing these Frozen Water Snails in with cooked hemp, buck wheat, or maize particle mixes to get the very best effect. They can also be added to method, stick, or groundbait mixes, too, and you can spod them out to great distances to give you the edge over other anglers when you’re fishing at distance. If you like, you can also add these to boilie mixes – although CC Moore has found these baits to be at their most effective when used raw and fresh. If you’re creating a paste-based hookbait, you can even roll it in your snails to give it a snail coating. If you’ve been struggling to entice monster carp or you’ve been attempting without success to beat your personal best, try adding these CC Moore Frozen Water Snails into your baiting mix. You’ll soon find that you have big carp desperate for a nibble on your bait and these miniature water snails should be part of any dedicated angler’s armoury.

CC Moore is a brand that is committed to create bait that is both nutritionally rich and devastatingly attractive. Established in 2011, this might be one of the newest bait brands on the market but that doesn’t mean that it lacks experience in the field. The brand has its roots in the pet food industry, so you can be confident that CC Moore knows what it is talking about when it comes to the nutritional value of baits. The company’s one aim has been to produce the finest carp fishing baits currently available on the market and each new product release realises this aim. The brand works in close tandem with some of the UK’s finest carp anglers in order to ensure that each product is as effective as possible and it consistently creates flavour combinations that carp and coarse fish simply cannot resist. This CC Moore Frozen Water Snails brings baiting back to its basics, utilising natural flavours and attractants in order to entice fish towards your hookbait. If you’ve never tried using water snails in your groundbait mix before you’ll be blown away by the devastating effect they can have, year round, on monster carp.

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