CC Moore Pure Salmon Oil

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Key Features

  • 100% pure salmon oil
  • Winterised to ensure its effectiveness at all times throughout the year
  • Rich in Omega 3 and 6 oils
  • Source of energy with powerful antioxidant &natural attraction properties
  • Ideal for use within stick mixes and PVA bags, pellet, particle, spod mixes

CC Moore Pure Salmon Oil

Salmon Oil has long been a firm favourite among those dedicated carp anglers and it is renowned for its highly attractive qualities. However, what some anglers might not realise is that the original supplier of salmon oil to the UK is no longer able to produce 100% pure salmon oil and will instead mix different fish oils to create the salmon-like-aroma. As you might expect, this is nowhere near as effective as pure fish oil. This is why CC Moore has worked hard to source 100% pure oil to use in its Salmon Oil, ensuring that you get the results you demand, time after time.

The uses for CC Moore Pure Salmon Oil are endless and you can introduce this potent aroma into almost any mix for staggering results. One of the most effective ways you can use the CC Moore Pure Salmon Oil is to enhance any free offerings that you’re putting out. Whether you’re adding a glaze to your boilies or you’re mixing it into your spod mix, Pure Salmon Oil adds a compelling his of flavour and aroma which seeps out into the water to draw the fish into your swim. If you’re adding it to a boilie mix then it is recommended that you add the oil whilst the boilies are defrosting (if you’re using freezer boilies). This will allow your boilies the chance to really soak up all the oil, for added and enhanced flavour. By crushing or chopping a few of your boilies in your free offerings, you can modify the leakage rate of the bait, as these smaller boilies will release their oil much quicker than the larger, whole boilies. Another method of adding Pure Salmon Oil to your mix is to boil up some lake water and pour it over your oil and boilie mix. This will quickly activate all the additives within the oils, creating a slick surface on the water. This also aids with fish detection, as any disturbance on this slick surface will indicate that the fish are feeding below.

One of the biggest benefits of CC Moore Pure Salmon Oil is that it is PVA friendly. This means that whether you’re adding the mix to your solid bag or your PVA mesh, you don’t have to worry about the oil breaking down the bank before it is fully rested on the lake bed. As you bag disintegrates it will release the oil, which will float upwards through the water column before forming a flat spot on the surface of the water. This will attract fish down towards your bait. You can also add the oil directly to your stick mix, ensuring that you allow enough time for the oil to really soak in and do its job. If you do find yourself short of time on the bank, you can always leave the bait soaking in the sun to speed up the absorption process. Adding CC Moore Pure Salmon Oil to your pellets is excellent, especially when you’re surface fishing. This will create a massive flat spot on the surface of the water, too.

Of course, you can always use CC Moore Pure Salmon Oil to give an added attraction to your hook baits. Anything that makes your hook bait stand out (for the right reasons) is a good thing, as it attracts your fish towards this extra potent bait and away from all the freebies – increasing your chance of a take. As with all oil based additives, this works best when you’re carp fishing in the summer. This is because the oil distributes best in slightly warmer water and it is also the time of the year when carp are looking to feed up on fatty acids, such as omega three and omega six (both of which are found in CC Moore Pure Salmon Oil). However, as an added bonus, this oil has also been winterised. This is a process which helps to ensures that this oil is an effective additive year round, no matter the water conditions. It also makes this oil an excellent additive for your pike baits and lures. Simply dunking your lure into CC Moore Pure Salmon Oil will give it an added boost of attraction – whether you’re fishing with an imitation lure or a dead bait in need of a boost.

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