Coleman Northstar Lantern

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Key Features

  • Operates on unleaded petrol
  • Also runs on coleman fuel
  • Incredibly bright
  • A sea anglers best friend!
  • Electric ignition
  • No need to mess around with macthes
  • Up to 14 hours run time
  • 36cm high, weighing in at 1.8kg
  • An all time best selling lamp!

The Coleman Northstar Lantern

Coleman has been producing exceptionally bright lanterns since the turn of the twentieth century when W C Coleman, himself poorly sighted, wanted a way to read easily at night. The Coleman lantern was created and was an immediate success. It is even said that Coleman’s local community – a small Kansas town – was able to play a football game at night for the first time, lit only by the light emitting from Coleman’s gas lanterns. This clarity of lighting was a revelation in its time and Coleman products continue to amaze anglers, campers, and outdoor sports enthusiasts today. This Northstar Lantern has been on Coleman’s product list for many years and continues to experience great success among both the angling and camping communities.

The Northstar is a dual fuel lantern, so is able to run on both unleaded petrol and Coleman fuel. This means the Northstar Lantern is incredibly economical to run and extremely cost effective. Even though this lantern may cost more as an initial investment, its fuel saving capabilities ensures that it more than makes the invest back in savings over its incredibly long life. As with all Coleman lamps, this lantern is incredibly bright and offers outstanding clarity on the bank. In fact, emitting 220W of power, this is one of the most powerful lanterns that Coleman produces. This makes the Coleman Northstar the ideal lamp for lighting up a large area – perfect when you are fishing in low light levels. Long gone are the days when you could only see the small beam of light emitting from your head torch or hand torch, with this lantern you can illuminate your entire bivvy or bank. The Coleman Northstar also boasts a full-to-empty run time of up to 14 hours. This ensures that the lantern will comfortably last you through a long night of fishing, illuminating the bank with the brightness of the North Star.

The Coleman Northstar features an electric Piezo ignition. This means you don’t have to worry about using matches near fuel and it ensures hassle free ignition in all weather conditions. The lantern weighs in at 1.8kg, so it is the ideal lighting solution for the long session angler who is at the bank for the long haul. Its sturdy base means that once you’ve set it going you don’t need to be worried about it blowing over in an aggressive gust of wind, either, so you can set it up on your bivvy table with confidence. It is 36cm tall, too, to fit comfortably into most angling rucksacks or barrow bags. The Northstar has been a best-selling lantern for a number of years and its popularity continues on, thanks to it being bright and incredibly easy to use.

The Coleman brand is not only famous for its innovative lighting solutions but it is also incredibly popular for its cooking equipment. Indeed, Coleman was credited for creating the second most important piece of non-military equipment in the Second World War – the portable stove – which was beaten only by the Jeep. Coleman has an exceptional heritage and is the brand that campers, anglers, and explorers alike have turned to for more than a century. If you’re looking for a world class bankside lighting solution then you need look no further than the Northstar!


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