EU Bait Export is Currently on Hold Due to UK-EU Trade Agreement Complications

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EU Bait Export is Currently on Hold Due to UK-EU Trade Agreement Complications

We would like to explain and clarify issues regarding the bait situation to all our European customers.

Angling Direct is currently unable to sell or ship bait outside of the UK due to UK-EU Trade discussions surrounding issues with a European Health Certificate (EHC) to be completed for exporting of baits.

Why Can’t We Ship Bait to the EU?

The reason fishing baits such as boilies, pellets and groundbaits are requiring a Europeans Health Certificate for export is that its currently considered under the same category as animal feed which involves exhaustive and expensive testing, and certification from a vet before use.


Unfortunately, the UK-EU Trade Agreement regarding fishing baits is an issue impacting the whole of the Angling Industry as well as anglers. Angling Direct, along with bait manufactures such as CC Moore, Dynamite Baits and Mainline Baits, have been forced to pause all bait orders because we have no way of getting them to Europe.


Can EU Customers Still Order Other Products from AD?


The only products that cannot be shipped at this stage are products based on natural ingredients such as baits (boilies, pellets, etc.). Artificial baits are not concerned and are still fine to ship.

To reassure our European customers, the UK-EU Trade Agreement does not affect our ability to ship most products to European countries and nothing has changed for our customers and their purchasing conditions.


How Long Will It Be Until We Can Send Bait to Europe?

We are waiting for a simpler EHC classification.

Angling Direct are continuing to monitor all developments between our governing bodies and the European Commission. We hope further classification or a change in the European Health Certificate (EHC) can be made before being able to export bait to our EU customers again.


How Does This Pause Affect British Anglers?


This flaw in the UK-EU Trade Agreement has also caused concerns for British Anglers vacating to Europeans countries.


Mark Owen, the Angling Trust’s Head of Freshwater, said:


“It is apparent, from our understanding, that the current position will impact on anglers purchasing bait in England to go fishing in Europe once Covid travel restrictions are lifted as they would have to produce an EHC if challenged.”



What Is Angling Direct Doing While We Wait?

We will place a notice on our bait pages for the European sites as a reminder that we are currently unable to sell and export baits outside of the UK at this time.

Although our EU customer’s bait needs cannot be met with Angling Direct at this time, we can still ship a huge range of fishing tackle to your door from fishing rods to artificial baits.


Andy Torrance, the CEO of Angling Direct has commented:


“We are proud of our longstanding great relationships with our bait suppliers, and it is frustrating for them and us that we are at this point unable to ship their fantastic products to you, our customers. The fishing industry is working closely together to find a solution, and as the CEO of Angling Direct, I will do what I can to help. We hope to be able to supply you with bait as soon as possible.”


Where Can I Get More Information?


The good news is that the majority of the Angling Industry are working together to find a solution.


Organisations such as the Angling Trust, along with manufactures such as Dynamite Baits and Mainline Baits are urgently seeking clarification on UK-EU Trade Agreement which will effectively ban UK anglers from taking baits with them on fishing trips in Europe as well as affecting the export of fishing baits.

See more information on Angling Trust's Website.


Jamie Cook, Angling Trust CEO has said:


“I have asked my team at the Angling Trust to work with the angling trade to press the European Commission to see sense.”


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our European customers for supporting our business during these difficult UK-EU Trade transitions and we hope to provide some clarity and good news soon to keep the AD customers fishing.

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