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Wednesday Review- Korda Propolis Carp Treatment

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Wednesday Review- Korda Propolis Carp Treatment

For all anglers fish care should always be their number one priority, the anticipation of waiting for that perfect catch to finally see it’s glorious scales and healthy fins is what makes all that hard work worth it, especially when hours and days have been spent on the bank in anticipation of your new PB only for you to show your mates a picture of you holding a ropey-looking carp.

Ensuring that you treat every single catch with first rate care no matter what the species or the size is of paramount importance. The Korda Propolis Carp treatment has been designed specifically to create a seal over open wounds and ulcers and prevent any dirt or debris from causing infection or any life-threatening illness to the fish.

The antimicrobial properties of this 30ml bottle is all you need to treat and heal wounds on a fish by forming a waxy seal that acts as a natural antibiotic and will be insoluble once your catch has safely been put back in the water.

The Propolis’ main ingredient has been derived from bee pollen and is used for medicinal purposes by not only anglers the world over but people looking to treat cuts, open wounds, ulcers and skin irritation.

Korda Propolis is a treatment, however, as anglers we can limit the damage done to specimen fish by taking the necessary precautions in the first place. A suitable landing net, unhooking mat, or cradle and the correct handling and weighing of a fish is an obligation and should be taken seriously. Afterall, with so many special specimen fish in our lakes and rivers, it would be a shame to deny someone else the opportunity to take the same level of enjoyment you did out of your latest catch.

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